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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DSLND, Sep 28, 2007.

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    I have been putting this off for a while, but i think now is a good time to tell my story.

    My name is Mitch, and i'm fourteen years old, and own my own company, DreamScapes Landscaping. I started when i was ten, mowing my neighbors yard and things have grown a lot since then!

    I was very fortunate to have my parent's ZTR to allow me to mow my neighbor's three acre property. Its the ZTR i now own (bought it from them) and will run it until it dies.

    I then made a HUGE mistake and got myself into a partnership with a good friend of mine. We mowed for two years, and on the third year we expanded into what we thought was a big business. Heres how the partnership went: imagine paying for 50% of all equipment, then getting bossed around, treated unfairly, and being treated like you were a master's slave. That was the business, not going into any more detail.

    In 2006 i got wise and split the business, and being i did all of the bookwork, billing, and made all of the advertising, i knew i could make it on my own. I split the business in November of 2005, and started my new business in 2006. Spring 2006, i busted my butt and was able to gain ten accounts, which was just over my goal of 8. With my dad at the wheel, i was making a lot of money, and saving a lot of it too. I bought a ton of new equipment in 2006, all in which has paid for itself. By the end of 2006, i had fourteen weekly lawn accounts ranging from 4k sq ft to six acres. July of 2006, i bought the Toro Z Master from my folks. Just last year i hit double digit thousands, which was a lot more than i expected to make in my first year of a new business, with a parent driving me around.

    I then started adding landscaping services, thanks to some projects last year where i learned A LOT!

    2007 came and i started the year, knowing it would be a great one, better than 2006. By the middle of March, i was doing clean ups and had about 20 weekly lawn maintenance accounts lined up. I wasn't looking to expand much more. As of today, i service about 25-30 weekly accounts and do a good amount of light landscaping, hedge trimming, etc.

    In February of 2009, i finally get my drivers license!!!! Next March (2008) i get my permit, and in October (2008) i plan on getting a truck, so i can start plowing next year with someone by my side. The remainder of this year and ALL next year's profit's will be for the truck. I plan on getting a 95-2000 Chevy K2500 HD with less than 110k miles, and something that can get me started. If it doesn't come with a plow, i will put a 8' Western on it along with a dump insert.

    As of right now, here is my equipment list:

    5x10 Carry On Trailer
    Toro Z 150 w/52" deck, 20hp Kohler
    Toro 36" WB (T-bar)
    Toro 20055 Super Recycler
    STIHL: FS 110, FC 110, HS 45, BR 550, BG 85, and MS 250

    Either my dad or my grandma tows me around with my dad's Jeep.

    Right now, i plan on making this my career, and i plan on advancing into more serious landscaping/hardscaping once i get educated in that field a lot more.

    Heres a link to see pictures of my fleet:

    Sorry for the long post!!! :waving: :waving:

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    keep it up and in ten years you will be up there with Brickman and TrueGreen :)
    Couple of suggestion.... Stay in school and get that sheep skin. Take a few dollars out of your income and put in some kind of savings account so you can retire at 35 and keep you credit clean when you do get it.
    Oh yea, watch out for girls :laugh:
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    Haha thanks for the comments. As far as being as big as the HUGE companies, thats not where i want to go. I hate when people have these HUGE compaines, and do poor work. I want a setup with ten or less trucks, that way quality can be #1 in my business, and i can know every one of my employees along with getting to know some of my customers. My roll then will be to watch crews, take estimates, and be a sales guy.

    As far as saving, i have $300/Month going into my savings account for college. I'm hoping to attend a local community college, take business, horticulture, and landscaping classes. Haha, about the girls.... Yeah, lets just say high school is def. the place to find the good looking ones. haha.


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    Hey Mitch, thats really cool! I never new you were that big. Thats really cool that your parents are willing to drive you around. Keep up the good work!
  5. DSLND

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    Thanks dude. Yeah, mom, dad, and grandma are a huge help. Do you have AIM, seems like i see you in a lot of my threads, we should chat sometime! -Mitch-
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    Ya I got one, Bbradshoop615, but I am hardly ever on (always on here). But if I am on fill free to IM me.

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    Thanks For The Help
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    Hey, Im in the same boat you are. Keep up the good work. This in my first year with my license so ill be adding to my 28 customers. GREAT WORK!!
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    what help deereboy?
  10. Supper Grassy

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    wow Mitch keep up the good work

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