Its your fault my yard has weeds, says pita!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by QualityLawnCare4u, Oct 11, 2005.

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    Last spring I posted an article about a yard I had gotten from a hag that had the "god of lawn care" doing her yard and he could do no wrong. Except he would not show up for 2 months sometimes. The lady has been the worst pita I ever had, none bared:realmad: Last week she called the county agent to come look at her yard and shrubbery. She told me today that he told her it was my fault that her yard had so many weeds because I was not bagging it every time. I told her that her yard had weeds when I started and that I bagged it every other time like I said I would and that it made no difference until the yard was treated she would have weeds. She told me that when the "god of lawn care did it she never had weeds like that. I told her the weeds were the same every since I have done it. I was getting very angry and I turned and left since I knew what was fixing to happen. Before I walked told her if she did not trust me she needed to get her other guy back. Last time I was there she complained that I was not putting straw around the trees like the other guy did and I did not clean the street/vacuum in front of her house either. I did that today (will bill her husband extra since he told me to do her extra s--t that way and not tell her) and it took me an extra hour and a half. I'm so tired of hearing about the other guy I feel inferior.I also told her the other guy did not bag but windrowed it and then raked it which is about the same as mulching. Weeds ain't going away by just bagging but could not convince her, still was my fault now she has to pay to get rid of them because of me:angry: I don't like to drop someone on the spot until I cool off but she is getting the call this afternoon to make sure she understood what I said about getting the other guy. Only bad thing is I got her daughters yard next door and she has been no problem but will probably loose it. Don't give a squat, it ain't worth it!
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    Why are you still doing this property? Are you on good terms with her daughter? By that I mean, does the daughter think you do good work and not have any complaints. She grew up with her mother and probably understands what's going on with the old lady. (She probably knows why the "Lawn God" hasn't been back also. I'd have a chat with her. Explain what you doing for her mom and how you feel about the potential of loosing her (the daughter) as a client. Otherwise I agree. Drop the mom like a rock. You can make more doing less for someone else.

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    I wouldn't put up with that PITA's constant complaining about my work and how great the last guy was. Life is too short for that abuse.

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    Holy crap those people are stupid and piss me off too.
    I just got back from talking to a soon to be ex customer about the stupid plastic wheels on her hammock that broke and she will" be deducting from the bill" I, of course, being the landscaper broke them when I moved the hammock stand to mow. I might have, and not noticed and told her fine, I'll pay for the wheels, but that they were cheap crappy plastic wheels to which she took offense and said " nothing in my house is cheap" and got real upset (loser). They are cheap plastic wheels and shouldn't last forever, but whatever, they cost like 10$ max at Lowes (ummm, cheap, right?). Aggravating enough, but then she said I must have broken her butterfly bush by throwing her kids toys across the lawn. Pure bullshiznet. I didn't do it. If you know anything about Buddleia- they split sometimes if not pruned correctly in spring if they get too top heavy from being wet, or even in wind. I was there today and told her to look out the back window at the bush which was all drooped over to the ground from being wet. She is a moron. complete moron and that was the last branch that broke the camel's toe. She's done. Don't care if I lose the mother in law either (only reason she's lasted this long). Friggin kids toys everywhere, minimum service package=GOODBYE. Have fun figuring out that I'm never coming back and never calling you either. Have fun with the 5 amigos. Ugggggh. Can't stand stupidity.
  5. bobbygedd

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    oh but, dear me, you don't want her talking bad about you. i think you should settle down, and drop by with a fruit basket, and a written apology.
  6. Brianslawn

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    $10 plastic wheels at lowes are a fortune to some people....

    yes, i agree with bobby, take the old b*tch a fruit basket and a letter of appoligy describing how terribly sorry you are that she has to be such a burden on society. that should calm her down so you can part on good terms.
  7. befnme

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    you can take her a fruit basket if you wish like bobby said just let it set in the sun for about a week and rot before you give it too her :laugh:
  8. lawnguyland

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    The house is about 800$K. I'm talking cheap an in POS, flimsy plastic inexpensive crap. That's why I told her fine, take the 10$ off no biggie.

    The fruit baskets will contain poison apples and nuts. Cause she's nuts.

    Na na na na , na na na na , hey hey hey, gooood bye!

    For the record, I will be poisoning no one.
  9. Brianslawn

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    no snow white story..... come on........... poison her. lol!!!!

    Na na na na , na na na na , hey hey hey, gooood bye!
  10. John Gamba

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    Put it in the fruit:eek:

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