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I've been outsourced

Green Acres Lawn

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Columbus, Ms.
I have a 17 yr job that will be ending this summer. I manage a offshore manufacturing operation for a American Co. and both of these operations are closing in favor of Chinese manufactured products.
I serviced 3 or 4 accounts some years ago for friends of my wife. It was good money for the time spent, but then time became the problem. I traveled out of the country so much it would have been to difficult to continue and grow a business. So I quit mowing.
I have known for some time that we would eventually close and had been thinking on what I might want to do with myself, or for myself. We had a lawn service here at work and the they gave poor service at best. We looked to replace them a couple of years ago and got the reply from some majors around here that they wouldn't even have time to give a quote. That told me there must be some opportunity out there for a business. So I'm going for it. I still work all day everyday at the job and I'm working a couple of fair sized commercial accounts and some residential along with some real estate property. I intend to do all that I can by myself until the end of the job thing and then pull out all the stops to build the business as big as I can. I hope that there will still be some opportunities and dissatisfied clients come the middle of summer.

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Rather Be Fishing

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Good luck, it appears you have a good start on the equipment and experience. I'm currently getting by with less and while I'm not making stellar money, I do get by. Looking to improve of course. It's not an easy business, people are fickle.

Green Acres Lawn

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Columbus, Ms.
I think that if we stick to our convictions, provide a premium service at a fair price, and amaze the clients we do have, the $$$ and the recognition will come.