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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Rollacosta, Feb 16, 2005.

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    iv'e had enough ,i have got to look into the option of no longer employing staff and only taking on work i can manage myself..The reason is i simply cannot get reliable staff ,yesterday my regular guy could not show due to i believe a mystery BS illness ,he was suppose to turn up today after a miraculous recovery but again a no show ,he sent me a text message at 12.30 :angry: to say sorry but the mystery illness had returned and he won't be in today all in all he's BSing i know it and he knows it

    over the last five years i have had nothing but problem's getting good reliable staff ,i don't know the reason why i pay good wages i put them through various courses ,we have the best equipment around and i'm very tolerant.Ithink the trouble is there is so much work /employment out there at present employee's know they can get a new job anytime they want

    so i'm thinking about ,getting work for 1 man me! have you guy's got any suggestion's as to what i could do ,i have 2 stump grinders so this is one service i could offer ,but i am thinking maybe a skid-steer service leveling ,seed bed preparation ,large tree planting do you guy's have any more ideas ,and are any of you in my position??
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    You are in a predicament that most companies go through at one time or another. Firstly, are you a LEGIT business that pays taxes & insurances? If so, it can be very tough working by yourself, trying to make a living (not sure how comfortably you live now) and then having to pay the gov't each quarter. What I see most times is a 2 person company, because lets face it, there are some jobs you just can't do w/ one person. My advise to you would be to stick to something that you specialize in, like the arborist trade. Carve a niche in that sector and become a specialist. After all the "specialists" always get paid more. My .02

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    one word sub contractors

    I know a few guys that get fed up the same as you and decided to get rid of the employees and just hired out there work to subs. Your gnna have pros and cons just like anything else, but at least you will have more reliability. Guy owns a company twenty miles south of me did this. He had fifteen employees and one of his guys was going to quit to open his own business, he wanted more freedom. So he offered him sub contracting work. Guy ended up subbing for him and started getting pretty big. As of two years ago he fired his last employee. He only does design work and subs out all his actuall labor to two companies. He has himself a little gold mine. Really worked out well for him. Now he hired two more guys to do his design work, so now all he does is the bookwork. So he pretty much litteraly sits back and watches the money roll in. Lucky bastard. You can have bad luck too though. Common tale is that you could hire a sub and customers catch on that they could just hire the sub themselves and not deal with you. All of the sudden you built his reputation up and gave him lots of work and your left with nothing. If you are that fed up with employees though I would look into it.
  4. Rollacosta

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    i have built up a very professional ARB company over a 10 year period ,we do great work and we do anything and everything in the TREE INDUSTRY..from hazard reports to section felling to site clearance and stump grinding ,but the one thing that has constantly held me back and ruined my business is un-reliable labor,and to be fair it's the laborers that are the let down ,i have 2 good sub-contract climbers that are alway's reliable it's just the dam grounds-men that let me down constantly..i'm thinking about selling all my arb kit ,and starting up the following services ,stump grinding,weed spraying ,rototilling ,bed mulching ,tree planting ,power washing ,and trying to get a few grass cutting accounts
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    Naw, RC, you don't wanna be a mower-boy!

    Have you looked to see if there are any labor contractors around? There's a few here in our state, they mainly deal with Hispanic labor though. It can sometimes take several tries to find a good guy, but once you find him, he's there every day and they generally work well too. You pay the contractor, the contractor then pays the laborer.

    Here it works well, the business doesn't have to worry about taxes, workmans comp, etc, etc, etc- all that is handled by the contractor.

    Have you also considered becoming the ground man for your contract climbers?

    Maybe you could entice that guy from Toronto that was posting on AS a while back (and has been banned who knows how many times) to come over there and work for you, 'cause you know, he's "The Best GM".:laugh: :waving: If he can't do it, you're outta luck!!:D

  6. Rollacosta

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    i could do with a few like 'The best GM' :) ..I haven't tried labor recruitment yet ,though it might be worth looking into..i don't know for sure but unless your the boss and even some of them can be un-reliable this industry seem's to attract some of the less desirable's of society ,well so it seem's to me

    so far this week i have lost two day's due to absenteism add this to the heavey rain were forecast this week ,it doesn't take a genius to work out this cant go on..my main trouble is 18 months ago i lost a guy who had been with me for 3 years [he relocated to be near his parent's],since his departure i have had 4 groundies come and go ,for reason's i can't figure out most simply don't like hard work or working out in all weathers. the guy who let me down this week is due to go on a £700 arbmaster type course next week i have already paid for the course in full , he is makeing me feel jittery about sending him now ,i will have to get him to sign a contract of some discription in case he try's to dupe me or doesnt go on the course :angry:
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    Ouch. Are there any universities/tech schools over there that offer anything hort/forestry related? You might check to see if any of them have grads that are looking for a job....

  8. Rollacosta

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    i have tried that one DAN not a lot of joy with that idea ,most guy's on a college ARBcourse are sent there by an employer ,or there self employed guy's ,the ones that are available ,well you couldn't let them near a silky let alone a stihl :help:
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    Dans suggestion is a good one ... I had problems with some guys last fall. They think they have you by the balls because it's near the end of the season.
    I fired 5 or 6 of them...can't remember(all laborer positions) and called in temp labor. All the guys worked really well and if they don't you just send them packing and call for another. It's also a great way to show the other guys your not going to take any bulls*it.
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    Just hire some Mexicans w/ tax ids and 10-99 their ass. I cannot think of a tree service around here that doesn't have Mexicans doing the grunt work.

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