I've left Kubota.

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    After running ZD28's since '05 and then ZD331's since '07, I can no longer afford to run the equipment.

    I had (2) '05 ZD28, an '06 ZD28, an '07 ZD331, (2) '09 ZD331, an '11 ZD331. I also had an '02 Kubota L4330 tractor and currently an '08 M6040 Kubota.

    The '11 dropped the main bearing at 300 hours. No warranty, dealer says we were checking / changing oil enough. We have also gone through 5 deck gearboxes in the last 2 years.

    We have done everything the dealer says (clean the tops of the decks more often, check oil more often than recommended, etc.) but we keep dropping the gearboxes.

    I've had enough. I can't continue to purchase virtually the highest priced mower on the market and continue to throw $1000-$1500 in parts into them every year.

    We have now moved onto Exmark.
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