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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jason Rose, Apr 11, 2007.

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    I think I take this lawn mowing thing too seriously... Long story short here, our target store in town is maintained by a company from about 45 minutes away (why I don't know). The place just makes me sick to look at it. It used to be a BEAUTIFULLY maintained lawn until this outfit got hold of it! Last year it was only mowed every 2 to 3 weeks, the irrigation wasn't even on most of the summer, usually it was not trimmed or edged even. It just makes me sad to see this happen to such a nice lawn. Of course they are back again this season, only about 4 weeks LATE. Grass was over a foot tall with all the rain we have had. Looks totally butchered now, drizzle and rain today so I was off and had ran to the bank next door, and low and behold, this company was there, in the rain, mowing. I decided to go over and see what their deal is! Talked with the "owner" that was on a demo mower trying to throw clumps back and forth, about how the property looks. I flat out told him that they do CRAP work and that they should be ashamed of themselves. I drive by there frequently, I know how often it gets cut, but he said it was done weekly last season. Bull Chit! I'm sure they were getting PAID for weekly mowing, but it wasn't happening. He also says that US maintenance is in charge and dosn't allow anything to be done before April 1., sure, ok, but why wait to mow till April 9 when it's a foot tall already???

    I hope they are loosing their azz on this place. I can't see how they couldn't be, driving almost 2 hours round trip to mow ONE property. I asked him about the possibility of subbing it out to someone local (me) but he said he was looking to get more in town. Wow, with great refrence propertys to look at like the Target lawn there... I'm sure he will take over the town!

    Am I the only person that gets upset seeing work that's less than substandard like this? What's sad is that the local store management has NO say in the deal, it's all corperate and divided into regions, one lawn care per region, low bidder.

    Side story... He said that last year, one of his foreman got swung on by the manager there, foreman called the manager "too picky" because he was telling them something looked bad. Now you KNOW you are doing a bad job when people come out ready to fight you!
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    LOL...US Maintenance.
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    Your not the only one....... I bank at a locally owned bank in town love it when I walk in they know my name thats what I love about the bank anyways they built a new building a block from my house two years ago I submited a bid to mow trim edge and blow bidded pretty high ($125) cause its a bank thinking they want it to look good and no one at the time was sure where property line was since it was on a corner next to 100 acres open lot found out later someone else got it for $40 ok thats fine with me cause I was looking at more land to mow. well this guy mows for 3 weeks does an ok job another guy comes in under bids for $30 and gets the mowing well long story short the grass gets cut every other week now it looks like $hit trims it once a month and I'm embarased to pull in the parking lot with my mowers to make a deposit when people are driving by probably thinking I do the mowing I told them there lawn looks like crap and they just laugh we know its up to the head boss and all he is worry about is saving money..... sad thing too I thought about cutting it for free to see how it could look done the right way but everytime I think that I say it would be easier to pull the money out of my wallet and burn it. The same guy that done the crapy job got it again this year. I even submited a new bid at $75 thats the lowest I could go... no your not the only one Jason Rose
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    How much money do you have in that bank? Go in and request to close your account and advise them that you will be changing banks. If they ask why, state that their grounds do not display a positive image of the bank that makes you want to bank there anymore.
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    I got around 6k in that bank I've thought about that but the guy in charge I've never met and his office is in another city and the ladies that work there are so nice to me if I got a problem with any of my accounts they help me out not like at one of your big time banks were you feel like a number I HATE that I might just give that a try or do you think I might have more say if I had more money in their bank

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