I've made a HORRIBLE business move, now the piper is calling for his pay!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Green Pastures, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. mdlwn1

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    Now that your already in this...maybe its a good idea to give him an option (to take the burden off YOU) 1. Chance to redeem himself. (he wont..but at least YOU tried..hell understand later) 2. Lay out what it s that you require. Give HIM the opportunity to accept or reject. This isnt gonna work either..but to keep a clear consiance and get the ball rolling, you must set parameters..like for a small child. Make it his choice to stay and do well or leave now!
  2. mikey.hill

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    Maybe I'm an exception but I hire friends frequently, but make it clear to them that the job is temporary going as far as to have them sign an employment contract with employment term clearly defined. Never had a problem with a bad friend working for/with me and making it clear that their employment is limited usually lights a fire under their butt to get on the job search.
  3. Bunton Guy

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    Never hire friends. I thought that was a given...but I did it myself and he brought my company,me & my family all to our knees. Some things that make me almost come to tears when I think of what he did to us.

    Do what I did....tell him that its not working out. You've been giving my company a bad name from your un-professional acts lately. That you want to stop anymore damage to your relationship before it goes to far and that your willing to pay him 4 weeks of paid leave & tell him that you hope he understands but this is the best you can do for him while he finds another job.
  4. Toy2

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    Perfect post, a very wise man........I would follow this to the letter, pay now, or worse pay later.........later with a damaged business....
  5. topsites

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    Have you tried having a talk with just his wife first?
    Especially since you know her, I'd consider this a plus.
    Just tell her the situation like you did here.
    That might yield something...

    For one with her being a third party I would think she would be more receptive.
    How to go about it, any which way you want, just tell her you'd like to speak with her about something.

    That way she might talk to him later, you get where I'm coming from,
    and it might not fix the PROBLEM but I do think it would help.

    Plus women are good at this *%&^ LOL
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    SKYNYRD LawnSite Fanatic
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    the world could use more friends like you, not friends like your friend. you have nothing to feel bad about:)
  7. mowerdude777

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    That sucks, I have hired bad help a few times, it is hard to find good help theese days
  8. brucec

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    This sounds exactly like me! At the end of the day it's you or him that has to lose out.
  9. Toy2

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    Do not, repeat talk to his wife, that would be a major mistake, I gave up a great job to work for a "friend" I knew his wife very well, but she forgot to tell me he was a f'ing druggie............

    When I resigned, he gave a 5K check, and instructions not to talk to his wife......I took it and cashed it......that was 4 years ago......never looked back...
  10. Johnson LCO

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    Isnt it funny that whenever you try to help someone you get screwed? Call me a cynic but lately every time I try and help someone out I get screwed. I hired a friend and his buddy as they needed the money this year and it was the biggest mistake I have made in this business. We were working on a big job in a development that I really wanted to break into and it was a really good opportunity to expand my business. I am not going to explain exactly what happened but they behaved EXTREMELY unproffesionally in front of the neighbors on multiple occasions and when I went out to get some more supplies I found them napping on the front lawn. Never again. I didnt make a scene at the site but paid them each at the end of the day and told them their help was no longer required. This has definitely strained my relationship with my friend but I am still so angry about it I dont care. To the OP, that guy is not your friend and seems to be actively trying to screw you over. Fire him immediately and dont look back.

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