I've made a HORRIBLE business move, now the piper is calling for his pay!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Green Pastures, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. old oak lawn

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    GREEN PASTURES- I see your in Hampton, i am in Suffolk- anyway it's not your fault for trying to help someone you know by giving them a job. Your running a business not a daycare, if he cant do the job fire him. And someone YOU sign the paycheck for should NEVER be argumentative with you. The people that work for should know 1 thing -you are the boss. Just my 2cents. good luck
  2. bohiaa

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    been this situwation before..... I made the gus pull weeds ALL DAY LONG...

    he will finley quit
  3. Charles

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    When I had employees, I had this loser weedeat a long bank in 90 something degree heat and very humid conditions. Something I have done many times. He quit 25% through it:laugh: Saved me from having to can him:drinkup:
  4. Bunton Guy

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    Like in my past post....be honest

    Tell him you are being very honest because you care about him. That if he continued to work for you that you wouldn't be able to look at him as a friend but more like a employee....and that's not the direction you want your relationship to go.
  5. Green Pastures

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    Your statement is not the truth.

    I want to fire him because he's a lousy employee and is not improving, NOT because of anything else.
  6. lifetree

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    I thnk this is the crux of the issue, right here ... you'll probably have to let him go even though it will hurt to do so !!
  7. Littleriver1

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    Your not taking food off his table. He is. The jerk statement stands.
  8. DanaMac

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    I hired a friend about 7.5 years ago. Best decision I have made business wise. Still with us, makes me and the business look good, very trustworthy. Honestly, he is probably the companies biggest asset.

    I have known him and his entire family since about '85. I've been in two family weddings of theirs, been to his parents for Thanksgiving dinner. So I knew his character, morals, and work ethics to begin with. Don't hire a friend on a whim and a need for you or him.
  9. JDUtah

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    I agree here. It is his responsibility to perform and thus earn food for his family. Not yours. If you fire him you are not the one screwing him... he is already screwing his own family with his lack of performance.

    That is how it should be... Unless of course you supported Obama. :hammerhead:

    If the job doesn't work for him... fire him. this will free him up to find something that fits him better. In the end you are doing both him and you a favor.
  10. Lawn Pawn

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    Not to make light of your situation... its not at all funny.

    But someone said.... if you loan a friend $50 and never see him again, it's the best money you could have spent.

    You need to let this ... person .. go!
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