I've seen Amsoil bypass filters on mowers...how about oil pre-chargers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tb8100, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. tb8100

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    The AMSOiler:


    What it does:

    Turn the ignition to the on position and a warning chime sounds for 2 seconds while the oil system is charged with up to 160ccs (5.4oz) of oil and pressure is built up. Once the chime stops, turn the key to start as you normally would. Its purpose is to eliminate dry starts.


    MSRP is $338 for the pre-oiler. With a dual-element bypass filter set, it's about $600-$650 plus installation. So it's an expensive option. Still, if you could squeeze a few hundred more hours out of an engine, wouldn't it be worth it?
  2. Happy Frog

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    Looks like a nice product to have on a race car engine.
    I do not believe that it will actually save you money on a mower engine: let say your $2,500 engine last 700 more hours with it, you are still not saving anything because of the high installation price. :cry:
  3. Landrus2

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    it's about $600-$650 Not on lawn mower engines some of them are cheaper than $650 maybe on more expensive engines.
  4. tb8100

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    Let me clarify: A bypass filter set AND pre-oiler together with two filter elements is $600-$650! (plus installation). A Bypass filter set can be installed by drilling a couple of bolt holes, mounting, and running a foot and a half or so of hose, and of course clamps. I'm going to at least run bypass filters (with dino oil!) on some of our high end new mowers, and I can tie in just before the oil cooler on most every gas model (not sure on the LC Kawasakis). Installation cost may be $50 after fluid, hose, and time? (depends on how much your time is worth!)

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