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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Creter, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Creter

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    OK, things keep rolling to me at this condo complex I've become involved with. First it was a complete weeding and pruning of the 66 unit site which hadn't been done all year. Second was placing about 11 yards of mulch. Now the next concern is the Ivy Ground cover.

    So here's where I'm at with asking you guys.
    • This place is overrun with Ivy.
    • It's 1-2 feet up vinyl siding and brick, some places three feet.
    • All the first floor units have about a 4 x 12 patio in front and the ivy is on every patio, some are completely covered.
    • There is some spots with HVAC lines and cable lines so I can't whack attack those or anything with the vinyl siding.

    What method of removal should I use? All hand pruning? And there I would assume to cut it a foot or so from anything it's climbing up now?

    What should I charge? Should I bid it or per hour and if by hour does Ivy warrant 50-60 dollars an hour?

    I'll be able to dispose of the waste on the property

    So far I removed 8 30 gallon bags of weeds and filled a yard waste dumpster halfway with prunings for a bid of $350 in 6 hours.

    I placed 11 yards of mulch for $550 in 7 hours.

    Also this place is real unhappy with their current contractor (obviously why I'm doing the work) and there's a total of 26 properties in upper-end neighborhoods that this management company oversees.

    So any thoughts, tips and ideas would be wholeheartedly appreciated!

  2. Creter

    Creter LawnSite Member
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    Ok, I'm stuck with this one. A rule of thumb would be really helpful. I am thinking of using a gas hedgetrimmer for this work then through into yard wate bags. ANY info would be very helpful, guys.
  3. Tim Wright

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    I just pulled 5 junipers, and a bunch of IVY for $500.00.

    I used the tractor to push, pull, and yank the junipers out, back dragged the bucket on the ivy, and cut out what was left or around the trees with a pruner.

    Then I harley raked what I could, and will go back and rototill, then hand rake to grade what I cannot do with the harley rake.

    They now want the rest of the complex done the same way.

    This has worked for me.

    I hauled the junk out on my 20ft trailer to a burn pile. If you don't have a place such as that, you might be able to find a recycle place that will take such stuff. Our recycle place for commercial stuff runs around $27.00 per ton.

  4. Creter

    Creter LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Tim for the response! Unfortunately I am unable to get any power equipment into the area due to plantings that will be left. This place is really a jungle so I think I'm going to go at it with a gas hedgetrimmer, rake and yard bags. I'm gonna throw a price of 450-500 at em for everything which would allow me 7.5 - 8.3 hours. Thanks again.

  5. Tim Wright

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    Ivy sucks.

    You will be able to do some hand pulling until you get to the tap root.


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