Ivy on Fence - Time to kill it with Stone?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Doogiegh, Apr 25, 2002.

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    I have a potential customer who has a chain link fence running the length of her property. The next door neighbor is a rail-road line. So of course it's very overgrown and loaded with weeds. Her property is higher up in elevation. If you were to hop over her fence, you'd land on a steep decline that leads into a valley of sorts where the trains go whizzing past. Must be nice at 2:00 AM.

    Anyway, the weeds and mostly IVY from the railroad side is climbing her chain link fence and making a total mess. She wants to get rid of the ivy and put something down to kill the ivy. I know Roundup or the "No-Gro" equivalent such as Triox will kill everything on her side of the fence.

    Her main question is if she were to put down stone, would that be able to knock out anything that was rooted on her side from coming up again, and we'd be putting down a weed barrier fabric as well.

    Also, figure the property line runs 100' and she wants a 4" wide stone path, probably 2 inches deep? How many cubic feet would that be and thus how many cubic yards?

    She wants to get red stone, if it's needed. She also suggested that we could do mulch, but I think that after a few rainstorms, the mulch will be running right down the hill into the valley of the trains.. Any ideas or suggestions?

    How would you price this kind of job?
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    i can't tell you if putting rocks in is a good idea or not, but here's how to figure out yards..

    1 yard = 300 sqft @ 1 inch

    so... 100 ft x 4 inch = 33.33 sq ft

    33.33sq ft @ 2 inch = 66.66 @ 1 inch

    66.66 / 300 = 1/4 yard

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