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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by deekay1622, Jun 26, 2014.

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    Hi Gang,

    I've got a really big apartment complex and the ivy ground cover has over grown all of our pop-up sprinkler heads.

    Does anybody have a good method to remove the ivy only around the sprinkler heads so they can be seen and maintained easily?

    Right now you can only see the 12" pop-up stems that clear the top of the ivy by a few inches. The 6" and 4" pops are totally lost in the ivy and the only way you know they are there is because you see the ivy leaves wiggle around as the spray is hitting the stems down below.

    We've got a lot of acerage to cover and speed is important, so hand pruning is a last resort.

    I could really use any good suggestions that would improve the speed of this process while maintaining aesthetics.

    Thanks- Deekay
  2. gusbuster

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    If they are not , I repeat high traffic area's and not a tripping hazard, why not put extensions ? That's what we do. Both toro and RainBird make 6 and 12" adapters that screw into the existing pop up stem. remove nozzle, screw in adapter, put nozzle on adapter. Like I said, as long as not a tripping hazard and not an aesthetic issue, then that's the way to go.
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    We had an HOA which wanted to see the irrigation heads above the jasmine...when questioned why...they replied that the heads were 'supposed to stick up above the jasmine'. that would seem to be reasonable, though all the jasmine was green and in narrow, yet elongated beds....my reply was that there was no over-spray or runoff and the heads seem to be doing the jobs well. Could they be a little more efficient, possibly..but I dont think any nozzle would have kept the water off the building(wood) as well as off the cement, while also keeping the plants irrigated. Drip irrigation was the solution we proposed.

    edit--our beds we could easily stand over and see the heads if we looked and there were only 10 of these--
  4. deekay1622

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    Thanks Gus & Weekend,

    Both good feedback.

    Gus, I definately will look to the Extensions in the areas set back from the sidewalks and other trip areas.

    Weekend, you make a good point. The Ivy looks great in most areas and it would be fine as is. However, we have shrubs mixed into these beds and they are not doing so well because they need the better coverage.

    We are going to be trying a few things and will let you know what seems to work best for us.
  5. TX Easymoney

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    .they are more difficult to repair when not visible...anday not get the distance needed...tall popupsmight be useful if the maintenance crew uses weedeaters to trim the area regularly..they would be more of a pain, but a little more protected .
    ..if those nozzles on risers are near the level of the weedeater, they will get nicked
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