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    Have someone asking me to take over their property, on the house there is an Ivy that has been allowed to get about 6" thick and the home owner does not like this. They tell me that they would like to see this about 1/2" - 1" thick. Is there something to attach to your hedge trimmer that will keep the blade at a certain height? this Ivy looks like some sort of Jasmine. Very small leaves, about the size of Yaupon. These people are going to be PITA customers. The lady is complaining that she is not happy and has told their current service provider that if they had to charge more for the service that would be fine, just get the work done that she is asking for. This Ivy is the main thing. I will give her a quote that will cover my time so I hope to be able to complete the work needed.
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    we trim ivy with string trimmers

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