J.D. 4720 and 15 ' rotary cutter

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by saxambc2, Mar 12, 2012.

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    The Volunteer Fire Company I am a member of and spend countless hours at bought a 2011 J.D. 4720. We recently signed a contract for the purchase of a Land Pride 15 foot batwing rotary cutter. Does anyone have experience running this large of a mower with a "compact" tractor? Have any problems with the operation or have any suggestions. Thanks.

    TRACTOR 15.jpg
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    66 h.p. is plenty of power. You won't need to be in 4WD to mow. Those farm tire's will cause major damage. Mow when it's dry. Don't mow over 6 MPH. Grease the mower every time you use it. That JD seat is the most comfortable tractor seat i have ever sat on.
  3. xcopterdoc

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    Plenty of power. Make sure you have the rear SCVs to lower and raise the wings.
  4. Mr. Rain

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    Wouldn't worry about the tires. Those are R4 (industrial) tires. Pretty easy on turf. Even wetter ground will not leave bar marks like an R1 ag tread.
    If you have hills, keep your hand close to the 4wd switch. Little help from the front will keep you from spinning out and leaving a skid mark. Be sure to pull it out of 4wd for going around trees and making sharp turns. The fronts will tear the turf more when engaged while turning.
    Nice setup. There's a school in our area running the same setup with no issues.
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