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J.D Mulch Kits on 7 Iron Decks


LawnSite Bronze Member
How do you guys like the J.D mulch kit on the 7 iron decks?

Do they clump?

How long to install?

I am looking at my old toro mulch kit and it hass ''kickers'' on it, deflects the clippings down, a pic of a J.D mulch kit I saw on here recently did not show ''kickers'' on the J.D kit....the toro kit worked like a charm, even in damp grass, so looking for reviews from you guys who use them.


LawnSite Bronze Member
I like mine really well. Only clumping I've experienced is in the Spring cutting two-week growth wet/dew St. Augustine. And even then a quick pass at 1/2" higher easily disperses whats left.

As far as initial installation, I'd definitely have the dealer take care of this. You can take it on and off easy enough afterward but driling the holes in the deck would be best left to the dealer.

If it were available I would 100% - hands down - absolutely - surely - without a doubt get the Mulch On Demand deck Deere offers if it had been available when I bought mine in '02.

Hope it helps.


LawnSite Bronze Member
yeah, I love that MOD concept......they are on the market now too I think.

be nice if they were offering it on the 997's decks, but it doesn't say so on the deere website.

Saw a pic of one the other day on here, look quite complex, if something got bent or jamned it could foul the whole opperation up....be interesting to see after you guys have had them in use for a season how they go.

About the mulch kit on the 7 iron decks....bloody hell, that's shocking, I would of thought they would have the holes predrilled at the factory like toro etc do.....be no way I'd drill holes in a brand new deck.


LawnSite Member
I have a Deere 737 and the deck holes were drilled by the factory. It takes about 30 minutes to install the mulch kit first time. Some of the bolts can be in tight quarters so trying to get the nuts on and tightened can be a little trying. Taking the kit off goes easier - 10 - 15 minutes. Early spring on a lawn fertilizied by Chemlawn with alot of rain like 2 years ago will make you do some double cutting to get decent results. This year I just used a Qwikchute and didn't bother with the mulch kit. Mulck kit does work good on leaves though.


LawnSite Platinum Member
Yes, all the holes are predrilled. Takes about a half hour to install. Mine was used about half a season, hasn't been used since. They suck on cool season turf, especially in the spring.