J. Davis Landscape Contractor - 2009


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Wow! I had seen your thread from time to time and then I saw your post on ETW last night and what a story! Life is so crazy some times the hands that it deals us..... This last batch of pictures is really really good stuff. Obviously I love looking at ETW's masterpieces but I could never dream of million dollar post and beam kitchens.... Your stuff is more where I am at and I am literally floored by how clean EVERYTHING you do is.... I worked for a landscape company in Boston for a while and was lucky enough to get to work with the hardscape team from time to time... I currently own my own company and obviously want to offer patios//walkways/retaining walls. I have done a couple small patios that I am proud of but I want to further my education. Is icpi and ncma srw the way to go? How does it work? How did you get your hardscape chops? Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to my questions....


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Love the 7.3's but not the case I run bobcat and cat.


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When pavers went in first I would always do a light concrete edge restraint to hold my pavers in place so I could poly sand without and movement and run them over with thew compactor but you must leave a good inch and a half for the blacktop if you leave anyless the blacktop will be laid to thin and crack and crumble away from the top of the concrete along the pavers
sounds good, much easier to do it after its paved right? just cut a sharp line in the black top and butt it up.

now i'm curious since you have experience in paving, when they do a cobblestone or 6x9 paver border, they set it on a concrete footing right? Don't you think its weird that pavers and black top are both on RCA but geotex is a must for pavers? is this because they are semi permeable?

I only ask since I've been selling paving and doing rip, prep, borders and subbing the paving. It interests me and I did a few myself but it just gets all over everything, too much of a hassle


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Fantastic work pics! I'm really happy to hear that you made the best choice for yourself- I couldn't imagine the difficulty of the decision you had to make and I'm sorry to hear about the rough times in life. Been there this year!

What a great asset you'll be to ETW. Best of luck!


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Thanks buddy, good to hear from ya! What program do you usually resize things in??

And how is your season going so far, glad to see your still on here. Youve been getting pummled with rain too huh?
Our season has been busy fortunately just the rain is setting us back with all the extra work. Its good we are getting the rain to help the lawns grow. I just wish it was at night. I guess the rain has been slowing down your projects with ETW too?

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