J-thomas gator blades vs. The real gator blades

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Greatdane522003, Aug 27, 2004.

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    J-thomas gator blades vs. The real gator blades

    I was wondering I got in the mail my new gator blades from j-thomas and they look nothing like the old gator blades I had the teeth doesn't look like teeth they are sqaure looking and there's like 4 teeth but the other one has 5 would that make a diffeance and they were like 5 bucks cheaper, Do anyone else use them are they any good or should I send them back!
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    Give J Thomas a call, they are very helpful and tell them exactly what you want and why you are questioning your order. Be polite. Since we can't see the blades I don't think anyone wants to make a comment. I use Gators with four small cutting edges on the wings and they do fine for leaves.Talk to your local dealer,tell him what you want and see if he will talk price with you.
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    I've been usinh the JT Gators for awhile now and they seem to work OK....I couldn't tell too much difference on my 48tthp.....It's been so long since I've used std blades I might try them again to see if it helps to eliminate windrowing because of reduced lift (the mulching blades that is...)

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