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  1. newjerseylandscaping

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    Looks good like the fords.
  2. J.Z.Smith Landscaping

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    Leggs- Unfortunately we don't own the building. I dont plan on staying there for too long. I'd like to do more but it be pointless. I wanted to do a loft down one side and pegboard on the other side to hang tools on.

    Lawncare18- For mowers we run walkers and scags. Trimmers and blowers are shindawa and redmax. We mow about 100 accounts. Id say our business is 60% maintenance and 40% landscape construction. Right now anyways. When it snows we normally just us the trucks. We are the only part of MA that didn't get dumped on this winter. haha go figure.

    KE- your right for the most part haha. I got the one ton over a year ago. I just got the color changed from forest green to blue and silver. It was suppose to get lettered Friday...didn't happen. hopefully soon. I'm looking for a larger truck this year. I'm thinking a truck with a switch N go. You can only work out of a pick up for so long.

    Built Ford Tough
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    Looks great,very nice shop and love the ford.fleet is real nice.
  4. Jelinek61

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    Nice fords and tracked skid. Is that a 2.5 yrd spreader? how well does the truck handle it?
  5. J.Z.Smith Landscaping

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    I suppose I should say some stuff about my self. Iv been a member of this site since 08 but as you all can see I haven't been very active. I'll be 21 in 2 weeks. Iv been landscaping since I was 11. Started with a push mower and grew from there. I went to a technical high school for horticulture and spent some time with a couple other landscapers. For college I attended the school of hard knocks. Very expensive haha. J.Z.Smith Landscaping has been a legitimate landscape company since 2008. Every thing I have, I've worked for. I have 6 great employees and the best equipment I could find. I've found my self in the office more and more coming up with ways to better our company but I suppose that's one of the signs of progress. I'm always open to finding better ways to do things and adopting other peoples good ideas. I look forward to talk to any one and every one. Frankly facebook is getting kind of boring. :laugh:
  6. J.Z.Smith Landscaping

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    jelinek - The 2.5 yd polycaster is great! It was originally in the one ton but that truck was going to get painted so it was out of service for a week. I saw snow in the forecast and panicked a little haha. I had an extra wiring harness and some timmbrens hanging around so I put those in the P/U. Surprisingly it handles well. even with the dump insert. Its not completely full and we use straight salt so its a little lighter then sand salt mix. Its a tough truck. Barley squats at all.
  7. J.Z.Smith Landscaping

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    Christmas party 2010! whata center piece

  8. KE-llc

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    Do you not plow with the dump? I see no mounts? No pusher for the skid? Nice to see another young successful guy on here with a legitimate business....I'm only 20 myself.
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  9. J.Z.Smith Landscaping

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    KE- Couldn't swing the $ for a new plow this winter. I just happened to have the plow already on the pick up before I purchased the dump truck. The timing was a little off. Always next winter. Just sold the plow I had for the 323D. I didn't really snow much on cape cod this winter. of course the Boston area got slammed with snow once a week and every storm missed us by a few miles.
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    Wow slick setup, I love the matching trucks and the shop looks really clean and organized!

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