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    Have a new LazerZ CT with about 20 hours (Kawasaki 19hp). I got to thinking about putting in the garage for the winter and was just wondering. I use a gas additive for blowers and trimmers - what are pro's and con's about adding that same gas to the LazerZ instead of draining the gas tank and running out the gas in the engine??

    Thanks much - I am really pleased with all aspects of the mower.
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    If you using 4-cycle hand held equipment it's not a big deal. If your using 2-cycle equipment it can be a big deal.

    Additives are great and wonderful things but you must understand what they can and can not do.

    Most additives/preservatives are intended to keep the fuel from causing varnish. This varnish can build up and cause issues with the carburator that may require cleaning or a rebuild.

    Most additives do NOT maintain the fuels ability to burn properly and in some cases may actually inhibit it's ability to burn properly.

    I like fuel additives but I also like running the engine/carburator dry before putting the equipment up for winter. I think you need to do both. I like to run stabilized fuel late on the last tank and then drain and run the equiment before storing for winter. The drained fuel will run fine in my car/truck so I don't need to worry about what to do with it (dispose of properly). Any fuel residue in the carburator is treated so varnish isn't an issue. I also don't need to worry about if the fuel in the tank will burn come spring or not because there's none in there.



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