Jacobsen commercial front decks

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by landcruiser, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. landcruiser

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    I am seeking any info on Jacobsen commercial front deck mowers. I am looking at buying some from early to late 90 models (models T422, T423 and T455G). Any of you people own one or used one in the past? Are they decent mowers? Is Jacobsen still made (I know they are part of Textron but website is down lately)? Some are diesels, some are natural gas. Some have front "flail" type mowers some are rotary. Can you still get parts for these or are they best left alone? Please offer anything you know. I have to make my offer on these by next week and any information is appreciated.

    P.S. I have owned an 1822D Grasshopper and currently own two Toro Groundsmaster 325D's - how do the Jacobsens compare with these?

  2. HarryD

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    guy i used to work for had a jacobsen 72" outfront rider with a diesel and I thought it compared in cut to all the outfront riders except the 4x4 kubota outfront it would go anywhere . one thing thats was pretty cool we rigged up was a aerater that fit in the slots the deck did so you could raise and lower it with the hydrolics and it was nice to push it outfront rather then pull it . you could see everything much better then having to look over your shoulder
  3. sdwally

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    One of our units have a Jacobsen T500 series(as I remember), lots of problems with the steering linkage. Too flimsy! We also have 3 T400 series units that work well and have no problems.
    By the way our T400s use 60" flail decks for renovation.
  4. sirsweatsalot

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    the newer jakes as i remember correctly have very few welds...i can remember that for being one of there selling points. i demoed one like 3 years ago but i don't think i like it. i did run an older desiel before that...a little to slow for my taste. i'd go kubota if i were you there comming out with new decks here i was told!

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