Jacobsen Verticutter/Overseeder...GREAT MACHINE

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by walker-talker, Oct 4, 2008.

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    Overseeding season is here now and here's the ticket for those lawn renovations. It's a Jacobsen AeroKing 1321. 13 hp Honda runs fine. She fires up on the first pull...even after sitting over winter. Always kept in the shop, out of the weather. Disc spacing is set at 1.5" inches (closer than most machines of this type). Hopper can be divided and has two different setting controls. Say you want to drop fescue and rye at the same time, but at different rate speeds...you can do it. Has left and right braking for easy steering. Electric clutch engages verticutting blades. It's about 4yrs old, but only has about 30 hours on it. Cost was around $5400 with tax. It's your's for $2000. I've take my business to a new direction and don't want to do lawn renovations anymore. You can make lots of money with this baby.

    This is a professional and top of the line model. For walk behind seeders, you won't find a better machine, nor will you find one at a price this low.



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    How well does this machine work on already established lawns? I've always rented the slit seeders around here and they can really only be used on lawns that are bare or really thin.
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    Does great for established lawns and lawns you want to rennovate (kill out, cut down & then verticut).

    If anyone is interested, the dimensions are 39" tall, 65" long, 35" wide and weighs 452 pounds. My zip code is 67204 (Wichita, KS) if anybody is interested figuring shipping charges. Last April I got an estimate for Yellow Truck to ship the unit to Flordia and it came right at $400.

    Thanks for asking,

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