Jacuzzi waterfall constantly leaks.

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by MSlawnman, Jul 26, 2018.

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    image.jpeg Hi All: I've never posted on this forum before, hope I can find some soulutions to my problem.

    I have a jacuzzi located above the swimming pool that is plumbed to the pool and returns the filtered pool water back to the pool via a natural stone waterfall. The jacuzzi is a fiberglass/plastic shell surrounded by natural stone laid in with grout. The jacuzzi has a molded in lip that attaches to the stone waterfall. I've attached a picture of the set-up to show what I'm trying to describe.

    My problem is that this water feature has leaked ever since I bought this house three years ago. The water from the pool circulating through the jacuzzi leaks somewhere around both sides and/or underneath the waterfall slab. The water leaks out on the surrounding concrete slab and grows a thick layer of slime/algae then drains into the lawn, which doesn't help the lawn much in those areas.

    I had the pool maintenance people come out to try and correct it and one idiot they sent started laying down bright white silicon sealer around the joints of the stone waterfall. I stopped him but not before he had nearly covered the natural stone waterfall with white silicone. It took me days to grind that off the stone.

    Since then; I've stopped the water flow over the waterfall, let it completely dry and sprayed the stones with Thompsons water sealer. I've removed the grout between the fiberglass jacuzzi and stone and replaced it with quikrete water proof, hydrolic grout. I've spread on a two step water sealer I bought at Lowes. I've rubbed clear silicon sealer into the cracks and I've cussed vehemently when none of these attempts have stopped the leaking for any length of time. I've done these things several times and it slows down the leakage but never stops it entirely and eventually it becomes just as bad as ever.

    It's not a catastrophe but it is extremely annoying. I believe that these water features are built with the notion that they won't leak like this one does. I've seen similar setups on various TV programs so it seems like I'm not a one-off freak accident/error of design.

    I'm contemplating completely breaking down all the stones around the water fall, removing all grout, then try and rebuild the structure using the hydrolic grout. However, this is a little beyond my skill set.

    I'm wondering if there's any fix or solution to this problem that doesn't involve completely breaking the structure apart and rebuilding it.

    This water feature is 13 years old.
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    It should be built like a shower pan. Remove the top layer of stone that the water flows across. Install a layer of shower pan liner into outdoor rated thinset, turning the sides up and leaving an excess overhang on the input and output to form a “sluce” for the water. Seal the liner to the input side of the hot tub. You may need to cut a slot in the masonry of the hot tub, let in the liner in that slot and seal with a polyurethane caulk. Reinstall the stones in outdoor rated thinset over the liner. Anything that gets through the stones will hit the liner and flow into the pool. You may need to get more matching stones to hide the turned up sides of the liner.
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    Thanks Keith: that does sound like a cure for this problem. Also sounds like what should have been done when they originally built it.

    Looks like I’m going to have to find a stone mason though for help on this. Why can’t things be done right the first time???
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