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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by patio_guy, May 22, 2009.

  1. patio_guy

    patio_guy LawnSite Member
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    hey guys,

    got a paver walkway/patio project on the go, Never done one b4, need a lil advice ...

    I've purchased some portage pavers (Permacon) - manufactured irregular shaped flagstone things. All the edging products I've seen so far seem to be for straight line/slight curve type projects (ie. plastic edging, wood, etc.). How can I achieve this jagged edged look to my walkway/path while still having my pavers contained by something??

    I was wondering if concrete on the outside 12 inches about half way up the paver stones might work - I've excavated the a foot beyond the perimeter and will have a compacted stone base there. The grass could then just fill in over the concrete and I could just fill the cracks in the concrete over time?? Would this work?? Other options??

    Anyways, I got 12 tons of stone gettin dumped on my driveway this afternoon (already excavated) and this is the only detail that is still really buggin me w/this project.

    thx for any advice guys,
  2. NewHorizon's Land

    NewHorizon's Land LawnSite Senior Member
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    Do you want the jagged edge? If not cut the pieces so they give you the straight line.
    Concrete could work but there would be not enough soil for the grass to grow well. you could run the concrete to the top of the pavers and just have a concrete border.
  3. patio_guy

    patio_guy LawnSite Member
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    thx. I do want the jagged look but it would be nice to be seamless with existing grass - ie. no concrete gap.

    I got about 8-9 inches of crushed stone base in the ground on the weekend so I'm looking to do the stonedust/pavers nxt weekend. In the meantime I picked up some of that snapedge stuff in case the jagged look doesn't come together. Guess I'd install 6 inches from base perimeter? Would I do first, or would I put in my dust/pavers then do after? Seems it would be easier to do first, fill up with pavers, and then fill (ie. cut the stone to fill the gaps??).

    I'll try and post a few pics of the project tonight.
  4. Akshue

    Akshue LawnSite Member
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    Not a pro, so take this with a grain of salt...

    How about cutting the edging? I'm sure it would be a PITA and you would use more time and material, but it would probably work... Use a band saw or table saw, make a few jigs for size, and it would be done pretty quickly.
  5. patio_guy

    patio_guy LawnSite Member
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    hmm, cutting the edging? Like 2x nailed in w/spikes? How would I get grass to hide it, make paver/grass edge seamless??
  6. Akshue

    Akshue LawnSite Member
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    That's what I was thinking - thought you wanted it seamless.
  7. patio_guy

    patio_guy LawnSite Member
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    thx for the suggestion. still a little unsure what you mean, though - wouldn't your piece of 2x be visible between the pavers/grass??
  8. Akshue

    Akshue LawnSite Member
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    The edging that I just used sits below the grass - it was plastic stuff...

    It is about 1.5" high, and placed on the gravel-level... Add an inch of sand, and the top of the paver is a good inch-2 inches above the top of the plastic edge... when you backfill with sod/soil, it covers up the edging completely.

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