Jap Beetle on Ivy

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by PR Fect, Aug 3, 2012.

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    I have a Jap Beetle invasion on one of my properties. I seen 1-2 of them last week on some Buckthorn. Now this week they are all over the English Ivy. I mean they are raising hell. This property has little grass, less that 15% of the total property. The rest is blacktop, buildings, and planting beds. I would say about 7K is turf, 10K planting beds, 60K for the rest. Hear is my question. I have some Onyx insecticide ( 23.4% bifenthrin) that I would like to use if it will do any good. Sould I, what rate? And what about the turf? Merit? What about the beds? PR

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    Spraying the plants with bifenthrin will kill what is there and give you some residual control. It doesn't matter how much turf is on your property in relation to beetle numbers, I have lawns we treat and although the lawn has no grubs the beetles fly in from neighbors eating plants. I would also mix some sticker in. I'm not familiar with that product or its label, we use 7.9 percent and it works well.
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    Man this really is horrible
    The other issue is the damage is done and the foliage will not recover aesthetically.
    You can spray the plants to protect them. I figure the weather conditions is prime for their mating and feeding in your area. I am sorry for the analogy, but it is like a Tornado.......It will hit one house and skip another.
    You may try Merit in the early season next year, follow up with Spinosad and then bifenethrin after flowering to protect bee reduction.
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    Thanks, I did not know if I would get any residual. I will use a little MSO with the Bifenthrin. I agree that they are flying in from somewhere else. I just wonder about next year.
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    I had just a few and then bam! They where all over in just a few days. I will be watching next year. I was thinking on hitting the Ivy with some 10-10-10 ornamental fert. May be get some green up. This property is known all over town by its brick walls, and creeping green ivy. I'm sure I will hear about how bad it looks right now.
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    I hate to see and read of your problem.
    Our season here in the south usually starts in April with the May beetle or June Beetle. The weather conditions plays a big role on the severity. Hot Springs with humidity brings them on hard here. Since we didn't have a rainy spring and it was hot, the numbers were down. Since you guys up there has a different season for attack and with hotter weather hitting you full force, it can be a real problem.
    I know most people don't use Malathion anymore because of its punishing odor, but I still do on Azaleas and other types of shrubbery for the sucking and piercing insects. Leaf chewing insects gets the Bifenethrin or Llambda Cyhalethrin.........same family!! I am not mixing any adjuvants because of the intense humidity.
    I believe your triple 10 fert will be beneficial to enhance new growth.

    Good Luck
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    That doesn't appear to be standard Japanese Beetle damage.......

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    Thanks TG for the help. I sprayed and laide down some fert yesterday. I found one 20 foot section of wall that the Jap beetles did not get too yet. Should work well as my control to see if I solved the problem. They seem to be more present in the real sunny areas. This is the first time in our area and me for Japanese Beetles. They have been working their way north for several years. Lots of reports in the southern parts of the state in the last few years. I guess its our turn now. White Gardens, by not standard, do you mean more severe than the norm?

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