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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by David Shaw, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. David Shaw

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    I installed a Jap Maple 'Bloodgood' for a customer this spring. The leaves haven't kept the red color. New leaves are not red. It is in a partial sun location. Shade part of the day sun part of the day. What gives? Any clues would be helpful, as one of the selling points on the tree was the foliage color, and as you know they are expensive.Thanks Dave:confused:
  2. dvmcmrhp52

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    They will get redder again in the fall,they lose some color in the summer.Best color is spring and fall.
  3. GLAN

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  4. Team Gopher

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    Hi David,

    Here is a link for you and a quote.

    "Sometimes when a tree is young and fast growing it "loses its color". When the plant slows its growth it may color again for you. Also, shrubs (nandina) and trees (Japanese maple) which are known for color will not color well when planted in areas with too much shade."
  5. David Shaw

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    Guess I thought the Bloodgood was suppose to hold it's color better. The location is pretty ideal some shade but not a lot and not all day. Thanks Dave
  6. paponte

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    Yes, young Jap maples tend to lose their color the first season planted. Also, if there is abundant shade they will tend to turn green also. :cool:
  7. Simone Lawn Service

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    I was planning on installing a Japaneese Maple in my new landscape this fall. Is fall best for this tree, or is spring better?
  8. GLAN

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    Either is fine. Mulch it 2 - 3" thick
  9. KerryB

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    Dave, I planted two Bloodgoods this spring in different locations. One is full sun all day the other is part day. The one with full sun has held its color better than the other.
    I still have noticed more of a green color leaf though. This will pass. They are under stress right now from being dug and replanted just give it a little time to become adjusted to its new surroundings.
  10. David Shaw

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    Talk about stressed plants. Don't what it's been like where you're at but the last month here has been super dry and hot. I told the customer to water water water. They're good people and good customers. Funny thing, I planted the same thing at my house only it came from dare I say it Wal-Mart. It was a lot cheaper afraid I can't afford myself! It has held it's color real well and it gets much more shade. Go figure. Thanks Dave:dizzy:

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