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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by OrganicsMaine, Apr 18, 2011.

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    Hi everyone,

    I picked up a customer last fall and did a full renovation including a topdressing of compost.

    One of their biggest issues is an "infestation" of Japanese Beetles in summer. They have a few fruit trees, blueberry bushes, and roses, all of which get devoured by the Jap. Beetles.

    Since I missed the window for treatment of the grubs last summer, what can I do organically this spring to try and knock them down.

    The snow just melted on their lawn late last week, so the ground is still quite cold and there is time to do a treatment before they become active.
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    ICT CedarCure soil application will work on all white grubs. The high rate is recommended for late spring/early summer. The adults can be controlled with ICT Essential as a foliar application, and an soil application of CedarCure at the low rate in late Aug when larva are in their first instar.
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    Jap beetles can be a problem, much like mosquitoes they have wings and can travel to areas that have food that they like, pheromone traps just bring them in, talk your neighbors into traps LOL

    The point is that you can treat their yard but they may come in from many other areas, just let your customer know that

    The best advice is to say, "lets see what we can do to control them this year and reduce the numbers for 2012"

    with organics the best bet with adults is to make the area not conducive to them being there, we make it uncomfortable so that they go somewhere else, full control, even with chemicals is close to impossible

    Low rate-High rate, Low rate when grubs are in their first instar, high rate when they are in the second, at the third instar grubs are almost bullet proof

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