Japanese Maple Transplant And Prune?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by WETSCAPE, Jun 2, 2008.


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    I have a customer that wants to transplant two Japanese maples. These things were planted about 6 years ago on a hilly area and have grown to about 5' tall x 4' wide. The customer purchased a new home and wants to transplant them from Redding CT to Westport CT, before listing the old house for sale. These are really nice, I can't say I blame them. I am afraid that this time of year will kill the two trees?
    Suggestions Please...... I can't get a Tree spade truck to the back because of a new addition that was put on about 2 years ago....
    Thanks for all suggestions as Always!!!!!
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    Thats a tough one. Make no guarantees but if you can dig it out with some rootball intact you may be able to give it enough water to keep it alive. Settle it into the ground and be sure you can flood the root zone with at least 2" of water. Flood it for 3 days b4 letting it dry out and u should be fine.
    Not sure what might happen if it is pruned now. We have several in a couple of landscapes but I have never pruned them and wouldn't do it this time of year. Maybe just make one cut to reduce the foliage rather than a bunch of little cuts. Seal up the wound and keep it watered.
    Special care is likely when the summer heat moves in. Otherwise I am not real familiar with the culture of J. Maples specifically.
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    Thoroughly water them 2-3 days before digging them up so that they are fully hydrated. It will greatly increase the chance of survival.

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    Thanks all!! I am moving these on Friday. Time will tell? I told the homeowners I can make no promises if they will survive, they understand.

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