Jasmine taking over


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Covington, LA
Help… Jasmine taking over. I recently cut back an 8’x25’ area of Jasmine ground cover all the way to the ground using a weed eater. I can’t use herbicides due to raising dachshunds. I have read that if I raise the PH, the jasmine won’t re-grow but, I have an large oak and magnolia tree in the same area. The large tree roots also make it impossible to run a tiller in the area. I want to put a wooden deck over the top of the area. Will the deck block enough sunlight and keep the jasmine from growing back? I would hate to put up a deck only to later have jasmine start growing and pushing its way through the deck boards. :confused: Thanks for your time!


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If you don't make the ground, incapable of growing weeds, you will always have some weed invading from the outer edges and working its way under your deck. Lots of rhizome weeds can spread under a deck , even with 6" deep edging... Around here quackgrass and vetch come to mind immediately...

Build the deck over a concrete slab, or screening under the boards... There is no one time fix if it will be possible for weeds to get under and survive...


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You need to spray that jasmine out or you are going to have this same problem every year from now on. You only need 2% round-up for that. Can't you keep those dog's out of the jasmine for three day's ?