Jaw Dropping Rates!!!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by doitforjohnny, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Jay Ray

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    I've never understood why anyone would want to go into business for the purpose of becoming poor by laboring very hard for next to nothing.

    ED'S LAWNCARE LawnSite Senior Member
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    Sounds like they knew what you were up to and gave you a line of bull. If you want to get an honest estimate have them come to your house or a friends. Just remember what you are doing ( wasting his time ) will be happening to you just as it does to all of us. Know what your business needs to survive and go from there.
  3. hess

    hess LawnSite Member
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    Gas and parts must be free
  4. Dave_005

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    WOW, those rates wont even pay for my gas !
  5. RedWingsDet

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    Na, they still cant be making money doing 30 per day with 5 guys.. Figure he pays them 7.50 an hour in a 10 hour day.

    So thats $375 in labor per day.

    Then cutting 30 lawns at $10 is only $300.

    So this guy is actually loseing money.

    Something is wrong with that...

    Plus they have to be cutting more than 30 per day, because I cut 45 lawns (15 are big and require a 21" in the backyard) on thursdays in one day with myself and 2 guys (3 guys total). Mondays we do 30 and it only takes 8 hours with 2 guys (2 guys total)....

    So those lawns in cali must be super small and they must be doing like 90 per day to make any money.
  6. doctordun

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    from Texas
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    When you folks talk about doing 30 or more lawns in a day, just how many square feet are they on average and are they all in a row so you don't have to move your equipment very much? Are you working an 8 hour day? That's just 16 minutes per lawn. I could see it if they were postage stamp lawns and very close together. In my area, the small lawns are 1/2 acre.
  7. Turf Terror

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    So...after you hung up, these guys are probably laughing to each other, saying...
    LCO Guy #1: "It's that Johnny, from "Johnny's Lawn Care" calling again. He's trying to figger out how much to charge. Doesn't he know we can see his number on the caller I.D."
    LCO Guy #2: "He's been calling here all the time too. Next time he calls, tell him we do lawns for $5 bucks now."
  8. Tim Wright

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  9. doitforjohnny

    doitforjohnny LawnSite Member
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    By George, I think you got it! NOT,

    I blocked my number from showing up on his caller ID. Believe me he wasn't on to me. I told him that my Dad is getting old and he can't do his lawn anymore. And that I want to hire someone to do it for him. I don't think that an LCO would be that smart to figure me out and jepordize his business and prices. That would be so stupid of him to assume that I was another company fishing for prices!
    Plus even if I didn't block my caller ID my business name isn't on there. I blocked it because I don't want him to know my name and try and look it up to call me back. Now what?

  10. Big Bad Bob

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    The only explanations I can come up with is: they know who you are and are pulling your chain : they're really bad business people: they're doing postage stamp size lawns at 20 per stop: you're yanking our chain.

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