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    Established Lawn & Landscape Company Seeks The Following Applicants:

    Location: Jacksonville, FL

    Job Description: Foreman / Working Supervisor, Lead Man, Helpers

    The Applicant Must Have The Following:

    1.) At least 5 years of documented experience running a crew or multiple crews, performing everything from landscape installs to routine landscape maintenance.

    2.) A Valid Florida Driver License With At Least 5 Years of Clean Driving History.

    3.) Must Be a TEAM PLAYER!

    4.) Must Have Knowledge Of Florida Landscapes ( Turf, Plants, Trees, Etc... )

    5.) Must Understand The Cost Of Doing Business ( Meaning: You will need to be able to get very good results from your crew on each property within the amount of time allowed. )

    6.) Must Have Reliable Transportation To and From Work Every Day!

    7.) Must Be Drug Free!!!

    We are only looking for the VERY BEST people in this industry! We are very selective, but have a very low turn over rate because of this. If you feel that you meet the criteria listed above, we welcome you to send your resume' to the following email address. FLbizman1@aim.com

    Remember: Please give as much back ground on yourself as possible, including the past three companies you worked for, your supervisor`s name and phone number / email and any advantages you may have over the "Normal Applicant"

    This could include: Being a card holder or license holder for Truf & Ornamental Fetilization, Insect and Weed Control, Irrigation License Holder, Any extensive training and or Experience.

    We look forward to hearing from you!!! Again, send your Resume' to

    We are looking to make some changes right away!!!

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