Jazee 2 or Bunton

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by vernon, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. vernon

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    Maybe you get tired of helping us "new ones" make a decision on our first z mower. I am looking at a 52 inch Country Clipper Jazee 2 with joystick and a Bunton 52 inch 2190 with twin levers. Both have the Kawasaki 19 hose engine. Bunton is about $900 more. Any thoughts on this? I am only mowing 12 acres a week for approx 8 months per year. Thanks.
  2. bantam

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    Vernon, I don't know anything about the Bunton, but do know that the Jazee 2 would be a nice mower for what you are describing the job to be. At 12 acres a week I might even give strong consideration to stepping up to the Country Clipper Charger series mower, so that I could get the 60" cut (would speed thing up a little each week). But the Jazee 2 will do the job.
  3. G&MLC

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    I don't have any experience on those 2 mowers but have heard good things and for the work you are doing either one should do the job. I just bought my first ZTR last year. It's a Scag and it is awesome. My second choice was the Dixie Copper. Good Luck.
  4. USM Lawns

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    I would buy the Bunton over the Country Crippler any day!

    Bunton is a well established company owned by Textron and has good parts and dealer support.

    You do get what you pay for!

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