Jazee..Junk or Jewel?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Dixie91, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. Dixie91

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    I purchased a Jazee II one year ago. I have had continous problems with this mower. 3 months after purchasing, the starter solenoid went out. My biggest problem has been belts slinging off. I spend as much time screwing with getting the belt back on the deck as I do cutting grass. The dealer sold me a replacement belt after the original got slung and chewed up. Additionally, it does not cut grass evenly. I have adjusted the cutting deck numerous times in an effort to get an even cut. Any suggestions on how to keep the belt on or has anyone had similar problems with this brand mower?

    Thanks for any help?
  2. dfischer

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    Junk? Maybe harsh, but I'd noted vey few users for such a supposedly experienced manufacturer. I tend to think the jazee's are bigger sized consumers, while most are looking for smaller cheaper commercial based units. I also find the dealer base, at least in my area, to be second, maybe 3rd tier. Net? I've decided to pass. Certainly I hope you find a way to make yours work out.

    Belt? to CC specific, I can't really help.

    Even cut: Check the blade heights between the blades. If the one of the spindles is warped, bent, or deck misaligned you'll get an uneven cut. You should also check the far left to far right balance, and of course consider if the deck is hung in such a way that it's tipping over a bit in turns. Finally, ask yourself if the anti-scalping wheels are too low and one or the other keeps touching, thus lifting the deck. Finally, I suppose if it was tipped at too large an angle (normally the front is a little lower, but not much) you'd note the front/center blade seemingly cutting lower.

    Hope some of that helps, luck.. dan
  3. The Grass Amputator

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    Check the pulleys.....If they're worn, the belt will come off very frequently.

    As for the uneven deck, here's what I do to check my cutting height:
    Take a length of tubular steel, and cut off 3 peices of steel in the following lengths (assuming that you're operating a mower with 3 blades):
    3 @ 2 inches each
    3 @ 4 inches each

    Place the peices underneath the blades, and check to see if all are even. If not, you can figure out how to adjust the deck appropriately in order to level everything up.

    It's kind of hard to explain things without making them sound too complicated, but I've found it to be a system that works pretty well for me, and it's not at all complicated.

    Hope it helps...

  4. Dixie91

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    Thanks for advice. I have adjusted and tweaked on mine till I was ready to puke! About the time I think I got it adjusted and cuttin good....the belt slings.
  5. Green King

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    have you talked to country clipper about your problem. Were I am at these machines are becoming more popular all the time with lots of cutter using them mainly the charger models but I have seen several of the Jazee in use.
  6. bantam

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    The way the deck belt drive works on last years model of Jazee ll the deck must be leveled properly in order for it to stay on the pullies. SO my guess is that you have something out of adjustment for the deck belt to stay on while in the process of working on the leveled cutting.

    I would take the mower back to the dealer and let him get this beast put back in order. Country Clipper had a very detailed training about this subject in this years service school, If the dealer cannot get it done the dealers distributor should be able to walk you through it????? Hope you get things back in order.
  7. dkarol

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    On the JaZww II , there's a bushing that wears out where the blade belt tensioner mounts to the deck. If this bushing is worn, the tensioner will have too much up/down play and "throw" the blade belt. The part (bushing) is very cheap and not too hard to replace. However, if you contact a (good) dealer, he will tell you about the new canted (tilted) tensioner that is available (free if still under warranty). This new tensioner assembly will at least minimize the recurrence of this failure.

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