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    I have been looking for a residential ZTR for less than 1 acre and a price at $3,500 or below. My storage area limits me to a maximum overall width of 54"; based on this I looked at 42" decks. I started looking at Cub Cadet RZT , Toro Timecutter Z, Husqvarna, etc... but did not feel that they would hold up well. Since then I have done research on sites like this one and looked at Simplicity, Scag, Exmark, Ferris, Walker, Hustler, etc... Obviously these are out of my price range. I was able to locate a Dixon 4500 series for about $3,500 but was not overly impressed. I was also able to locate a Husler Fastrak for $4,000 but this was over my budget.
    During my research I discovered Country Clipper and visited a dealer about 25 miles from me. I looked specifically at the Jazee One with a 42" deck and 16HP Kohler Engine. The dealer said it is last year's model, has not been used, and is available for $3,300 with the mulch kit. The dealer let me demo a Jazee and answered all of my questions. I was very impressed with the overall construction, especially the deck. I ended up making the purchase and now await delivery next week. He ordered the mulch kit and will install in the meantime.
    The real purpose of this post was to thank everyone at this site, especially to those who post in this forum. Out of the 4 sites I visited I found this site to be the most informative. It's great to see the pros answering questions posted by amateurs, which I definietly consider myself.
    Thanks again!

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