JD 14SB Silver Mower won't start

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by magicwiz2, Jan 7, 2007.

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    I tried to start the mower after about 2 months of it sitting on my back porch, and I can not get it to fire. I replaced the transmission this past summer and it seemed to be working just fine before I quit using it. If anyone has any thoughts it would be much appreciated.
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    Welcome to Lawn site:drinkup: , as Rob stated more info ='s more help. I just did one of these and they usually came with Kawi engines the one I worked on had been sitting for 6 months. Start by draining the fuel from the gas tank and the carb you may be able to just remove the bowl and clean it out, but if you are more technically able I would remove the whole carb and clean it out with carb spray and compressed air, add new fuel and it should start up.

    The one I did actually started right up with the same work as described above with 2 pulls after 6 months of sitting, good engines and mowers IMO.

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