JD 322


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Cedar Rapids, Ia
Have a JD 322 with a 3 cylinder Yanmar gas engine,that I use in the cemeteries I take care of. Problem is that after about 30 minutes, it quits running. It will start again after a few minutes, but quits again in a shorter period of time. Put 3 new coils in and changed the module/regulator. Any ideas. Am I missing something simple? When it runs, it runs great.

Eric ELM

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One thing you haven't said you checked was the ignition switch. I have had problems with them before. Pull the plug off the switch and put some electrical grease on the plug and switch prongs and see if that helps. This happened to a DC I had. The prongs can get corroded and this helps keep them clean. If they are corroded bad, clean them up first.

I used to have a JD 332, diesel Yanmar. That was a good little tractor. I traded that in for the 430 I now have.