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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Brieldo, May 18, 2002.

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    Currently, I'm running a 22hp EFI JD 445 with the 60" Deck. I'm wondering what I can do to improve the cut attained from it, along with upping the high idle RPM. It seems like there is more power to be had from the engine that isnt being utilized. Also, in comparison to my mower, how well is a Exmark Lazer Z with EPS and a 26hp EFI/60" UltraCut deck going to perform? I'm considereing going with an ExMark, but I want a unit that is capable of moving snow in the winter....what are your thoughts on all these issues....

    Oh yeah, and it's good to be back to the board!

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    I owned a JohnDeere 455 up till about a month ago, I never had a problem with the quality of cut, it always did a beautiful job cutting and a decent job striping. You may want to talk to a dealer about turning up the RPM's a bit that should help alot.

    I took the plunge and bought a EXMARK lazer z with a 23 KAW. and a 60 inch deck. This machine mows beautiful (and fast) and stripes great. The only problem that I have is that it slides sideways alot mowing hills longways, but this may get better once summer gets here and drys things out a bit.


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    I assume you have heard about Gator blades.... I'm not gonna say much becuase i've never really used them, but people seem to act like they are good except when the grass is wet then they say they clump. I don't know about that though, but something like that should help cut. I can't figure out how with a 22hp EFI engine on a 60" deck isn't going to be enough power... sure, more is better, always, but I have a 48" deck on a 1993 Wheel Horse tractor, it has a 20hp Twin cylinder Onan, and I can go about 6 mph and still have good cut and plenty of power in wet thick grass. They also sold a 60" deck for this model with same engine, and I can imagine that 22hp would be plenty for 60" deck. Yes, they can be tuned up, but you will also wear out the motor alittle faster this way because you are running higher RPM's and that makes everything move alittle faster than it was supposed to and that makes it wear out faster. You should be able to turn most motors upto about 3,800 rpm or so safely. You should get a tachometer for it-only around $40 or so that would help you monitor engine speed so you don't need to run it faster than you have to to have plenty of power, but still keep it fast enough to give good cut. Also, check deck level, making sure it's same on left side as right side, but the front should be 1/4" lower than the back (that's what everyone says but I don't notice much difference) for striping, and high lift blades are supposed to be better for striping too (this I have found to be true). You can try doubles and you will either love them or hate them. Some mowers are just not made for them whereas some come from the factory with them. Also check tire pressure to make sure you are getting the maximum ground coverage for best traction and minimum compaction. Try not to accelerate or decelerate too fast to keep from tearing the turf and try not to go fast when turning, to prevent the front wheels from sliding and skidding the turf. Is it a 455 AWS or just plain 455 front wheel steer?? The All Wheel Steer's are really cool, with a big deck you can trim around a very small circle.
    Happy mowing!

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