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JD 457 power vs. deck size


LawnSite Member
I've been reading this site for several hrs. and still have one question. Some of you believe the JD 757 can be underpowered in some situations. While the 54" may not have the trim ability does the smaller deck make up for power when cutting heavy weeds/grass? I can't decide between the 54 or 60" for around the farm use. Can anyone shed some light on this? Seems like a 54" deck would focus the 25 hp better than a 60 inch deck? thanks


LawnSite Senior Member
Northeast Kansas
I personally have a 737 with a 60" deck, and don't really lack for power, at least not enough to really complain. I wouldn't see why a 757 60" wouldn't handle any kind of mowing you'll do around the farm. You probably have a brush hog or somthing around the farm for the heavy stuff I would assume, so long as you aren't mowing a really solid stand of brome or something you should be fine.


LawnSite Member
Thanks. After speaking with a CO dealer he said they sell many more of the 54" vs. the 60" and that the 54" would focus the power better in the hard stuff. I don't have a brush hog so that was another consideration. Given I was mowing with a 42" Cadet 16 hp before the 757 will do things about 3 times quicker which is what I needed. I think either deck would work but since I'm not doing any commercial or large grass fields the 54" also seemed a little more compact.