JD 48" Walker w/ Kaw FB460V 12.5 HP

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by FordMan77, May 17, 2005.

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    I just had my 48" commercial walker serviced by an authorized JD dealer, and now I have more problems than when it went in, so I think I'm gonna try to repair this myself this time... This may be a bit long, but details are needed.

    Took the mower into shop for a spring tune up/oil change, etc... Paid almost $275 for all including pickup/delivery. Looked brand new when I got it home. I noticed that the gas tank was empty, so I dumped a gallon of fresh gas in. 2 pulls and it fired right up. I was going to let it warm up for 2 min. like normal, but it died prior to that. Turns out that the fuel filter that they installed wasn't feeding it gas and it was only burning what was in the line after the filter. I removed the filter altogether and put a splice in where the filter was just to verify this, and I cut the whole yard w/o a catch.

    Now, I go out to cut today and got about 1/2 way through the yard and had to shut it down to move some debris, and take the dog inside. I come back to finish, and low and behold, it won't start. After some investigating, I pulled the air cleaner off to look into the carb. There was at least 1/2" of gas just sitting in there!! I also noticed that there was gas coming out of the vent on the side of the carb as well, and had no intention of stopping. I got the carb dry, and before I turned around, it had filled back up. I got mad, wheeled it back to the garage, and did a test pull to see if I could get it to fire. No luck, as it seemed to have had so much gas in it that it was hydrolocked. I pulled the spark plug, and a bunch of gas came streaming out of the cyl, so while I had the plug out, I gave it a pull to clear the rest of the gas out.

    I need to know a few things since I still need my mower in running shape...

    1. Since there was that much gas in the cyl, should I lube it somehow before attempting to start/run again?

    2. Does the oil need to be changed again? (gas contamination?)

    3. Would removing the fuel filter cause the carb to flood out as bad as it does? I wouldn't think so, but what do I know? I would think a stuck float or something would do that.

    4. Can I easily service this carb, or at least try a few things before I call Tri-County Power back and demand they fix this? The carb did not leak or have any issues before I took it in, and now it floods the mower out.

    Thanks for any replies in advance. I had to wait 2 weeks to get my mower back, all to have it un-useable once again. I would think that after a mower was serviced that the dealer would at least test run it to make sure all was well. I feel like I got kinda jipped right now, and I hate giving service guys a hard time, but I don't have the time or money to keep throwing around at this until THEY get it right. I bought this mower on the pretense that it would probably outlast me (given proper maint.), but now I'm not so sure.

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    #1 Yes spray with wd40 or squirt a little oil in the cylinder. #2 Yes. #3 It is very possible that removing the filter let some debris get in between the needle and its seat. (lets gas run right through). #4 If you are thoroughly familiar with your carb fix youself. from your questions I'm guessing you are not. I'd take it back but realize your current problem may be your fault. And the repairs at your expense. After re-reading your post I think you probably have lots of trash in your tank. It probably clogged their new filter. When you removed it it put trash in your carb causing it to overflow.
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    Ok cool. Yeah, the fuel issue may be my fault, I realize that running no filter on anything poses this risk. I've pulled apart Holley carbs for people, only to find a bunch of junk in them that the filter would have caught. The lawnmower carb is a bit different than I am used to. I think I'm gonna go ahead and pull the bowl off spray the inside w/ carb cleaner, hit it w/ some compressed air and see what I get. I am going to get the proper filter tomorrow, and it will not be run until then. Thanks for the tip! Much appreciated. By the way, the service guy was more than happy to give me a few filters for free, and said if I need carb parts, that those would be on the house when I come by.

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    Don't forget to clean the tank and blow the fuel line out or you mite be back to square one.
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    I will do that also. I don't like walking around smelling like gas all night so I'd like to do this only once, lol.. :rolleyes:


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