JD 60G mulching setup


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Hello everyone, first post here so bare with me if it’s already been covered. If so I couldn’t find it. I have a 60G mini that I’m ready to purchase a mulching head for. The Deere dealer here is also a Gyrotrac dealer, so I like the idea of purchasing from the same place for warranty and service purposes, if it doesn’t void warranty, which I still don’t know. The sales rep doesn’t THINK it will. From what little research I’ve done, the BX 300 seems like a pretty good unit, though i don’t know a whole lot about mulching heads at all yet. This will be my first one. Anyone have any experience with Gyrotrac? I spoke with torrent, but I don’t like the fact that I wouldn’t have any support locally in the event of a failure/break down. Though they could ship everything straight to my door in just a few days. I want to do the install myself, and understand I have to run a case drain and install a continuous flow valve, and don’t really know how exactly. Not much info on the Deere minis setup for munchers, and so far the dealer can’t tell me much either. I’m a machinist by trade of 14 years, and pretty mechanically inclined, so of course I want to do it myself, especially after hearing the install cost on a 75G was close to $10K! Anyone have any info that could get me pointed in the right direction, and any input on mulchers with a 60G in general? Just looking for any info I can find.

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