JD 7 iron deck?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by David Grass, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. David Grass

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    Ok, I have to admit, I am not a JD lover because I have seen some properties that just look terrible after some JD walk behinds were on them. SO, is it really a great Deck? or is it like the emperor's new clothes, that is, some of you just love the green and yellow, and percieve that it is a great cutting deck. OK, I am ready to get FLAMED!!! Let her rip.
  2. Envy Lawn Service

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    You and I are not all that far apart, so our conditions are probably similar. The John Deere's leave a cut like that here too... all of them. The 3 demos I personally did gave the same results. I chalked it up to conditions in this zone, because there seem to be guys here with them that are getting a great cut from them based on the pics. I dunno how many passes they might have made though.

    Anyways, I was convienced it was the conditions pretty much 100%. But if you have been following Tonyr's saga.... the one he has now also cut the same way. Turns out his engine RPM's were off like 300 RPM low and now that it has been corrected, Tony is happy as a lark with his.

    So apparently John Deere does not set the governed RPM at the factory and since they run low blade tip speeds, a few hundred RPM's makes a difference. I would have never thought that though because on my machines you can't tell a difference in that small of an amount.

    So I guess engine RPM's might account for what we are seeing due to the selling dealer not checking them during pre-deliver. But it still remains to be seen I guess.....
  3. Tonyr

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    as my mate above says....these decks going by my experience need max blade speed to work at their best.

    I'm cutting warm season grass e.g bermuda etc, though here we don't stripe, this deck does cut nice and excellent on stringy grasses.

    the deck seems good when set up correct, but the whole thing with deere I've been through and been topped off today, a real low blow, deere can go shove it, they don't back their product and they have dealers that are bad, really bad.....I'll post a thread on that when I cool down, deere treated me bad, my dealer treats me worse, to big, too rich to care.....I'm done with this mob and their resellers, when I tell yas why you will understand.

    anyone know a lawyer.....one who gets paid if he wins?
  4. QualityLawnCare4u

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    My JD decks cut fantastic and mulch even better! The RPM though also had to be adjusted on mine recently, and they were also 300 RPM to low and it makes a BIG difference.
  5. slebeau20

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    I have customers that ask what mower that I mow with. They are amazed on the clean cut. As for me never one issue with mine. I had to rig up a striper kit for it. That was the only down fall.
  6. Tyner Lawn Service

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    Here's what I like about my Deere's. Yes they don't suck the life out of the grass they tend to leave a nice dark green cut. I have no problem with the "super stripe" that some mowers leave but I've had customers tell me that they like the way my mowers make the lawn look. I love the way they mow in wet grass.
  7. derekarbeiter

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    JD may have their problems but cut is NOT one of them. With the standard high lift blades and correct RPMs, the 7-Iron II will outperform everything else out there. I do have gators for the deck, but the high lifts cut better. And yes, it does matter what type of grass you are cutting, climate, region, etc., but all in all, you wont find another deck that will out cut a 7-Iron. I am fortunate that Deere has good dealers in my area. As for the company itself, I think it wouldn't hurt them to help the little guy out once in a while. That's what built Deere's foundation in the first place.

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