JD 710a or Scag freedom z

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Leeg83, Jan 29, 2013.

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    Hi guys just lookin for a little input. Im looking to buy either the 710a 54 inch deck, with 20hp kaw engine or freedom z with heavier duty frame and larger tires that do not come on standard freedom the freedom also comes with same size kaw engine. jd is 6600 and scag is 6999. also warranty is much better on JD with 2 year 700 hr and the scag only has 2 year manufacture defect warranty. just kinda lookin for some pros and cons. I own the ez 445 and ran with that last year just to get my feet wet. Now i have picked up some contracts and want to upgrade to commercial. so any input would be appreciated.
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    I owned a Z720 in 2011. Unless something has changed at Deere, the Z700's all have Kohler engines in them. Their useless site doesn't show the specs any longer.

    The 710 is much heavier weight wise which usually adds up to better durability (though not always), has a true commercial engine as opposed to the B&S cyclonic engine which is nothing more than the old I/C engine with a few internal changes and a fancier air filter, and the filter is still not as good as what comes on the Deere. Both have similar drive systems. I see that Scag is taking Deere's cue with the foot brake pedal. That's a good thing.

    The Deere has a larger fuel tank. Both have 22" drive tires, but the Deere 710's are wider for better floataion. The 710 has an easier to use HOC adjuster too.

    I like the looks of the new FZ, but it doesn't appear to have the Velocity + deck, so on that alone, I'd lean more towards the Deere because the 7 Iron is very hard to beat for all around use in any condition.

    Bottom line, demo both on your turf. See which one feels better and fits you better. Then decide.:)
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    I'd agree with riding on this, the FZ doesn't have the velocity deck which means it loses in the category that matters most. The 7 iron is one of the best decks on the market and so is the velocity, but since its not on the FZ I would pass on it.

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