JD 737 vs CC Tank M54?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by anteater6788, May 22, 2004.

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    First off let me say that I am not a commercial mower but we mow about 2 acres per week plus another 3 acres about every other week here on our farm. We are currently using an IH 184 Cub low-boy with a 60" deck but it is too slow so for next year I am looking at buying a commerical ZTR mower (need a commercial mower due to tall grass and rough ground) and mostly due to dealer service I have narrowed it down to either a JD 757 with a 54" deck or a Cub Cadet Tank M54. I honestly can't see much difference between the two on paper and from what I have read on here they both seem to be great mowers, has anybody on here ran them both? I think the Tank looks like a slightly heavier built mower but I think the 7-iron deck looks a little better than the Tank's. Are these mower's close enough to each other that I should just buy according to price or am I missing something. Here in rual Iowa commercial mowing is not a big business so I am limited to only a few brands of commerical mowers and these two will provide the best dealer support.
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    I run a JD 727A w/ 54" deck and love it. It has 23 hp Kawasaki and 54" deck and does not run out of power. Can't beat it, but it all runs down to personal likes and what's available in your area. Good luck from near Iowa City.

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