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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PPMnh, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. PPMnh

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    we run walkers at work (poorly maintained - boss wont put any money back into them until drastic things happen-- i'm sick of them and our local dealer. i would like to get the exmark navigator when i get mowing on my own next year).

    anyways, i demo'd a john deere 757 25hp 60in today with the bagging system. i wasn't impressed. the thing seemed to lack a lot of power once the deck and discharge system were running, even worse when climbing hills. the hydros were smooth, but inconsistant -- with any little movement on the walkers, the wheels respond; on the 757 the hydros seemed to be mushy. It feels like the hydrostatic pumps are too small for the weight of the machine and the size of the tires. It makes it hard to back the machine off the trailer when there's only an inch of clearance on each side of the deck. I also found the huge size of machine to make it very counterproductive on the small lawns, but i do see where the thing would shine on the bigger lawns.

    the nice cut, the lack of noise, the quick adjust deck height, and the comfort were top notch, however.

    so my questions are: is there anything wrong with the machine? are others in the same class like this: exmark, grasshopper, dixie chopper, etc.?
  2. green acres lawns

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    A ztr mower with a bagger will feel very top heavy and out of balance compared to the walker. None of the ztr's have controls as sensitive as the walker, but even walker has added dampers to their new 7 mph mower. The navigator and the new walker are close in feel. I demoed a scag couger one time and it handled poorly when compared to the walker. If the walker was capable if 10 or 12 mph speeds, it would be way to sensitive for the average operator. Plus the deck would be bouncing off the ground.
  3. PPMnh

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    i like the fact that i can spin the tires on the walkers if i want to (well, one of them will just spin the belt:rolleyes: ) meaning i can back up a steep hill with traction being the main problem. the deere will barely back up a hill with the blade system going...comes close to stalling. 35hp and there probably wouldn't be any problems, but 25 isn't enough.

    so far it was harder for me to make straight lines with the JD. our 52" wb w/sulky will outproduce the JD. the problem lies in getting between two obsticles like a tree and the side of a house where i can get the walkers through.. or be able to stick the deck in and get a large chunk of the grass cut.

    i'm not dogging on the JD, but i'm trying to figure out where a similar machine would outperform the 48" walker-styles in a various-lawn route (time to dump, acres per hour, detail mowing around trees, etc.).

    i've got some big bagged lawns for tomorrow though so i'll give it another go;)
  4. Cooter

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    I like the Deere lineup, especially the cut. Their height of cut adjustment is also the easiest to use. My only gripe is that it must be the roughest riding mower out there, and if you have one prior to ROPS their seat kit will not work.
  5. mr.glenn

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    i have a jd 737 and it is without a doubt the best quality cutting mower i have ever owned.i also have a hustler which is faster, more hp, rides smoother and cuts rough lawns better but does not cut as pretty. i also have owned snapper, bobcat,exmark,and kubota. i agree the jd could use more hp but you are not going to beat jd cut quality or their service.
  6. Total.Lawn.Care

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    I know several people that run the 757. I have a 727 with the 54" deck and the 23HP motor. IT runs great and I have no complaints. Putting the 60" on the Ztrn you will not be able to get into several areas that you can get the Walker. If you think the 60" is not quite what you need, try the 757 or the 737 with the 54" deck, they are available. I would probably go for the 757 with the 54" Mulch on Demand Deck. That thing is awesome. I think that when I upgrade my mower, if I have many customers at that time that are asking for Mulching, I will get that machine. Check out the Mulch on Demand system on the Deere.com Website.

    Click here: http://www.deere.com/en_US/groundscare/products_equipment/mulch_on_demand/index.html
  7. bbailey

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    I have a 757 with a 54" deck and it is an awesome machine. Very smooth hydros, no lack of power. In fact sometimes I have to run it an 1/2 to 3/4 throttle because it throws grass 15 to 20 feet out of the chute at full throttle! I had a 5 foot wide trailer and I had a little over an inch to spare for clearance on each side when I loaded it on the trailer and had no problems with rubbing the deck. Just takes a little getting used to! :waving:
  8. PPMnh

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    maybe it's the bagger collection system that takes up the horsepower-- i'm curious to how the side discharge would work (especially wet). the mower was fast on ground speed without the blades running.

    most of the properties for the company i work for are bagged with the walkers. i don't know what i'll get for lawns on my own next year (just got the licensing, business materials, etc. a month or so ago- so it's new). it would be nice to have a big ztr...a lot less fatigue on me than the walkers at the end of the day, plus way more comfortable. i also find it harder to make turn marks with the 757 probably due to the big tires.

    i would be worried about getting that thing stuck in the spring time though, i don't believe a second mower could get it out.

    i dunno:hammerhead:
  9. mythntr

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    Didnt know if you were aware that walker makes a different speed gear . Couple of my buddies have them. I think they said 3 miles and hour faster. You could handle the sensitivity thing, but the bumps on an uneven lawn would be ugly.
  10. POPO4995

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    I have a 737 and 997. I love them both. The 737 has no lack of power, cuts great, like said before will shoot grass damn near 20 feet! I have no complaints at all with either of my Z-trak's. If you like the Walker's so much, have you considered the Deere F687 Front-Mount? I demo'd a 757 60" MOD earlier this year and did not like that mulch on demand feature at all. I'm probably going to replace my 425AWS next spring with a 737 54", stripe kit, 3 bag powerflow system, and the suspension seat. Can't wait....love the Deere's!!:weightlifter:

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