jd 757 problems

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by copeblk, Sep 2, 2006.

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    My 757's will lose some power if the filter is too dirty. But to almost kill the engine when the blades are engaged thats never happened to me. i didn't know that the 25hp kawasaki on the 757's had a JD designed air filter? I thought all the kawasaki 25hp horizontal engines used the same filter as the ones installed on the 757's.
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    mike, i meant compared to what rob was showing im not sure what other 25s have but i agree with you on performance i may have found something by accident last time my newre 757 was in for service they turned the air cleaner housing so the opening was facing the rear it did not suck in anywhere near the normal debris
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    On mine I turn the housing so the opening faces the back of the seat. Doesn't the air filters on the 757's suck, I wish they would just put the Donaldson canisters on them to begin with, not a option. My 647 has the canister and thats wonderful. But to convert the 757's over to the canisters would be $300 a piece, too much.

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