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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SCAG POWER, Aug 20, 2004.


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    I have a question for those who have been at this for a few years. How do you know when it is time too move up in gear?

    Rite now i have yards that run in size from 1.2 acres up to 6.4 acres, that i mow with a JD727A 23 hp 54 inch deck, a scag 36 walk behind, and various 2 cycle equipment. The only draw back is that the 6.4 acres is a once a month yard with nothing on it.

    The reason why i ask is there is this other properity that i looked at that is 15 acres with 126 duplex units on it, and i know that it will take 2 ztrs to mow in with in a reasonable time.That is why i looked at a 757 today.

    Thanks have a good week end.payup payup :drinkup:

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    So no takers on this one?
  3. Steve1

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    I have a 777 and absolutely love it. I also demo'd a 757 and used it for a few weeks while waiting for my 777 to come.

    In my view, you can not go wrong with Deere's Z-Trak as long as you've got a good dealer. Of course, this is true with ANY ZTR - if you have a crappy dealer, you will eventually hate the machine, be in an exMark, a Toro, a Deere, etc.

    If you've got a good Deere dealer, buy the 757 - you'll be glad you did.
  4. Ron95gt

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    I bought a 757 and have cut my 5 acres with it twice so far. I'm happy with it. I researched the JD's and the Toro Z's. The Toro had the faster blade tip speed and everybody here seems to have them. On the other hand, I've had a JD lawn tractor before, and they are offering financing incentives till October. So, I opted for the 757.
  5. valleylawn79

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    deere has great ztrs/ also check out the hustler super z; i dont think you could go wrong with other. i chose the hustler only because of the smoothness of operation and no extra brake lever; its built in to drive levers. and the speed.
  6. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Hey Scag Power. I have the 737 which is the same as the 757 except with 23 instead of 25Kaw engine. Last Monday I mowed a 2.5 acre field of 2 foot bahai and it took me about 50 minutes to do it and thats running about half speed. A lot of folks say the 23 is underpowered but I have had no problems cutting some bad grass with it. I would have like the 757 but it was 600 more bucks and I could not justify it. This mower beats my 717 hands down on big open areas. Good luck,

    Quality Lawn Care
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    I don't know if you need to get a bigger machine. That depends strictly on you, your needs, and your budget. But if you do, the 757 is an AWESOME machine! I absolutely love mine and it is great for large and small lawns as long as you can get through the gate.

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    I was thinking of the 60 inch deck, for those properities that are what i would call a flat run but you still have too go between the houses.:cool:

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