JD 7H17 deal too good to be true?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scout_pete, Jun 3, 2005.

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    Stumbled upon a JD7H17 purchased by a homeowner (supposedly) in April and returned to dealer this week. The model sells new for about $5,100 and the dealer is asking only $4,100. Dealer say the homeowner bought it as a second mower for his wife to use and she was too intimidated. He says it might have only mowed an acre, or so. $1,000 off sounds sweet but scares me a bit. Does anybody know this model well enough to offer some advice as to what else might be the problem? The warranty is effective upon the April purchase, so there is that to fall back on if this is a lemon, or something.
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    I would jump all over it. Any time I can get a piece of equipment that I want that still has warranty on it and a reduced price because it has a few hours on it, why not? I bought my JD 757 demo with a few hours on it and they knocked off a couple thousand from the price. I still got the warranty, so the only thing that I could see wrong was the blades were worn with a knick in one. They offered to replace the blades as well.
    If there is anything wrong with the WB, you would have time to find out before the warranty was off. Likely they didn't use it enough to even need an oil change, let alone running it past the point of needing it. I just can't see any real chance of a problem here. Just look it over for any possible damage as if they may have run into something, etc.

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