JD 915E - 7 Iron deck w/mulch kit?


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I just registered to make this post, but have spent countless hours reading/researching on here regarding a replacement for my residential/homeowner use only Hustler Raptor. I ended up settling on a new John Deere 915E, which delivers tomorrow. I was VERY close to buying an Exmark Lazer Z series E (S and X were priced way too high comparatively) but based on everything I read the 915E should be great, overkill by quite a bit actually, for my purposes.

I have always mulched, as I am just doing my own home lawn and my goal is different than that of a commercial user. BUT, the more I have read about the 7 iron deck, the more I question if adding the mulch kit defeats the benefits I keep reading about the deck (open design, chute size, etc.) I don't like a side discharge as so much of the clippings end up in places I don't want them, and the advanced chute thing is neat, but not sure I need it yet, although a good alternative.

Ultimately what I want to determine is whether doing the mulch kit on my 915E is a step in the wrong direction.


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Try it stock for a few mows and see how you like it.

Throttling down as you go by areas you don't want clippings in will help not throw them as far.

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