JD EZtrak 645 vs. Hustler Fast-trak SD

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jeff601, Jan 27, 2012.

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    Been doing some severe shopping. OK I'll be honest....been salivating for the last few years for a zero turn. I cut 4-5 acres on my place and have done so for the last few years on my craftsman 42" lawn mower. she has been getting to the point to where every year I am fixing something on it to be able to cut. I am ready for a new mower I have narrowed it down to the JD EZtrak 645 or the Hustler Fast Trak Super Duty. the JD seems more heavy duty to me with the Seperate Kanzai pump/motors vs. the Hustler SD with the Z3100's but the Hustler has the Comm. Kawi and the JD has a Vanguard, Both have a 4 yr. Warranty. The hustler is gonna cost me about me about 600 more. Any owner testimonial would be greatly apreciated.:usflag:
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    just to complicate things more also take a look at the scag freedom z. :laugh:
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    Personally, I'd bypass the 600 series and go up to the 700 series. For about a $1000 more, you'll get a true commercial mower. If you're set on the 600 series, then I'd skip the 645, and go to the 665 with its 60" deck for only $200 more 2, especially for as many acres as you are cutting.

    The Hustler would be a nice machine as well, but if I had to chose between them, I'd go with the Deere.

    BTW- unless something has changed for 2012, those are not Vanguard engines in the Deere. They're the new (last year) Cyclonic engine from B&S that was supposed to be designed expressly for ZTR use. The Vanguard is top of the line engine, and a step up from them. The Cyclonic engine has a decent rep so far, but since they are new, it's hard to say what kind of longevity they'll really provide.
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    I love my JD Z655.

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