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JD F525 Govenor Problems


LawnSite Member
The governor in my 17 Hp Kawasaki will not idle down unless I manually slow it down at the carburetor. I've double and triple checked the adjustment of the governor linkage and have made sure the arm is rotated all the way right. I loosened the clamp on the governor arm and started it up. I saw no movement o rotation in the governor arm. What else can I check short of removing and taking the engine apart? Thanks, Lloyd


LawnSite Senior Member
Loosen the nut up on the gov shaft with the engine off,then push the thottle to the wide open position and hold,now turn the govenershaft all the way ,the same way as the thottle would have turned it an then tighten the nut up .you should be all set


LawnSite Member
Dave is dead on about how to adjust your governor. You don't have it set correctly now. Do as Dave says and she'll purr at idle like she should.