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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Scag48, Oct 14, 2000.

  1. Scag48

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    Are these mowers any good? I know anything JD is expensive but are these things worth it? For any of you that don't know what I'm talking about, they are the ones with the outfront deck, 22 hp (I think?) and are more for parks and stuff. My dealer has one with a 54" deck for I think he said $7500 brand new. The thing I like about it is you can set the cutting height to 4" to 1" in about 10 seconds with a rachet type thing. Really neat. I also like the deck weight transfer to the front tire. Would be really nice on steep jobs (I've got a couple of those). Do they stripe worth a darn? I know, depends on your grass. I don't know what I'm cutting (I'm a dummy, huh?) so that isn't any help. Are they like some Kees and don't stripe good? Is anyone familiar with these? Their bigger brothers are the F911 and up series.Thanks.
  2. Pauls Mowing

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    In our part of the country, Sioux Falls, SD, there are a lot of these machines around. They are very highly regarded, and out here, lots of JD dealers. They do an excellent job of mowing. I'm looking at a F925 for next year. I don't know about their striping capabilities, as this is not the vogue out here. They are large and fast machines, most, I believe are hydros.

  3. cutting edge

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    Buy a Lazer HP and use the money you save to buy the other equipment that you need.
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    I bought one back in 1991 when they first came out and I had it for over 8 years, the only problems with it was the deck was a little weak and when I started growing the machine wasn't wide enough, but it was an excellent machine. I lost it last fall in a fire(not the machines fault) but I would have kept it forever. It climbed hills great, made pretty decent stripes and almost never broke down. Also I had a 6' power broom and a 48" snow blower for it with chains, rear weight kit, wheel weight kit and light kit. I still have all those attachements if you would be intrested in buying those because they are now collecting dust in my shop because I don't have a machine to put them on. Let me know I could give you a really good price.I paid over $3,000 for the broom and $2,000 for the snow blower and I could let you have both with the weights and chains for $1,500.Let me know.
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    Scag and Paul, Both of you can save your money. The 725 is is NOT more for parks and stuff even though the gorgeous brocures that JD prints could have you believing so. As far as any of the 9 series mowers, do some research As big as they are, they're not that versatile. And they SURE don't lay down a nice cut! Ask some people who have them.
  6. toddman35

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    the "rachet" system is not good, i have the same thing on the JD F525, and you can never keep the cut level, because the deck bounces around and it knocks the rachet lower and lower, you have to keep adjusting it to keep a level cut, but if you do get this unit, NEVER grease the zerk on the rachet or it will change cutting heights on you while you mow.
  7. Runner

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    Todd, Were you the one that owns a 935 as well?
  8. toddman35

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    nope, that might of been toddppm?
  9. Mr.Ziffel

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    I've got 40 acres of grass, most of which is chopped for silage, but depending on how I'm feeling I mow between 4 and 8 acres finished. I used the F935 with a 72" deck exclusively for the first year. Last year I purchased a Woods rear discharge 72" finish mower that I pull behind my MF1235 tractor and mow about 4-5 acres of the rougher front pastures with it. It does a great job. I still mow the orchard and house/shop yard of 3-4 acres with the 935. The JD front mower bounces around too much for a comfortable ride and good cut on any but the smoothest ground--in fact the final straw was when I bounced a hairpin loose from a front caster, the whole assembly dropped out and I mowed over it, cutting the wheel and tire in half [luckily didn't hit the heavy steel frame]. The mower has a 22HP 3 cyl Yanmar diesel--it's a runner and very powerful--I've also chopped fist sized granite rocks comletely in half--the place was pretty rough when I started. It is quite maneuverable once you get used to the rear wheel steering and fast to back up with the foot control hydro pedals. New, this machine would be incredibly expensive but I got it used for a very fair price and expect to get a good trade or sales price when I move on. The 935 will side discharge even the heaviest, wettest grass [rye] but I think the blade speed is too slow to cut it fine enough or smooth enough to give it the look I want. Mechanically I think this is a great mower and they are very well thought of and sell well around here [north of Seattle] but I just want a better cut--and I'd also like to do it faster. BTW, I recently demo'd a 76" rear discharge JD deck and it had a horrible cut--scalped on the turns and left two huge windrows where the blades met. It rear discharged but in two big long piles--the Woods leaves nicely spread out clippings the width of the deck.
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    The F725 is a great machine. It is equipped w/ a 22hp liquid cooled Kaw engine; however, it does not have their new 7-Iron deck unless you go to the F735 w/ 60 incher. The deck cut height adjustment is awesome w/ a crank. Changes very easy and actually holds cut height over time. At the dlrs quoted price, you are getting a steal for a mower that will be running when everything else breakdowns or wears out. Striping is nothing to brag about but it can be accomplished w/ the right blades and deck attitude. Need high lift blades and dip front of deck approximately 1/4" in front. Mr. Ziffel, the 76" rear discharge for the F900's is in fact made by woods and is the same shell that you are bragging about.

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